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    Solstice's Soul Caliber III (PS2)

    [January 26, 2008 03:28:44 PM]
    Entry #2

    After exploring more plotlines with other characters, as well as different game modes, I was pleased at how much there is to this game. For the first time in Soul Calibur, the player and create his own hero with equipment he has earned and campaign through different maps in strategy based sieges. Using one's superior fighting skills, each player must eliminate their enemy's base without losing their own.

    Gameplay: I thought this was a great idea, having a broader strategy game as background for the smaller fighting game brings gamers into the game more because they can associate with their characters, which gets them emotionally invested in the game.
    However, the strategy part of the game is uncharacteristically unprofessional for Soul Calibur. It takes much too long for your fighters to move across the board and the animations are unimpressive. If the strategy part of the game was played on a grid, and produced quick results it could prove to be an intense augmentation to Soul Calibur's gameplay. But sadly, I found the time consuming animations directly conflicting with the pace of Soul Calibur.

    Design: I love the tone of Soul Calibur. The high energy music and brilliant colors set up the stage for dramatic showdowns of epic proportions. The art and music of this game are phenomenal, the style is well defined and the character's compliment each other well.
    As a classical fighting game, I would say Soul Calibur blows its rivals out of the water. But, new consoles mean better capabilities and I think fighting game designers need to explore new formats to make these games as intense as possible.
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    [January 25, 2008 11:01:08 PM]
    2nd Gamelog
    Entry #1

    Soul Calibur 3: The latest released and very likable Soul Calibur 3 matches up a number of incredibly capable combatants in this traditionally styled fighting game. Soul Calibur renews its old characters and adds some more dangerous fighters in this action-packed battle for life and death.

    The game play is very expansive and enjoyed how many moves were at my disposal. However, in order to have advanced understanding of the game I would have to either button mash or read the obnoxious moves guide the game gives you. This frustrated me and I realized this was never a game I could really get into because it would take so much sheer game time to get good at. I would not change the gameplay, but I can't enjoy it because the in-game directions are indecipherable.

    after choosing my character I was read an epic tale about his past, after which I was shown a map with background history on the coming fight. I then watched each fighter's introductions before the countdown to the fight began
    I was taken aback by how slow the game progressed. I was expecting a fast action game and instead I was shown loading screens and paragraphs of text. When I finally got to playing, I was enthused at the detailed attacks and combinations. But, the action in the game became a rare delight. Once cheesy American dubbed cut-scenes entered the frame I found myself bored.
    The time between battle sequences is wasted on mediocre text and bad dialogue. Every moment of the game needs to be geared towards the gameplay itself. Although I did get an ominous feel from the game, it was undercut by its lack of mystic and general repetitiveness. If each player was continuously shown their character and each ability that he/she possessed. Or simply recorded fights of the two fighters. That time should contain as much action and intensity as any other part of the game, even if the gamer isn't controlling it.
    Also, the game did not once offer directions to play the game. So, in order to have any knowledge on how to play would be from past experience. In my opinion, every fighting game should at least have one screen devoted to even a general guideline to the controls.

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    Solstice's Soul Caliber III (PS2)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Friday 25 January, 2008

    Solstice's opinion and rating for this game

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