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    Leilosh's Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)

    [January 25, 2008 10:47:11 PM]

    I don’t have much more to say after playing Super Mario Galaxy a second time. For the most part, it was a continuation of the same experience. I got through another level or two. Luckily most of the storytelling took place in the beginning of the game, and I didn’t have to sit through more of it.
    It had also become easier for me to use the controller, although with gravity changing as much as it did, I was still baffled in some places. There was one part where Mario went from being right-side-up to upside-down and I had to make him jump in the right places without falling. I kept screwing up on this.
    The variety of challenges in different levels is nice. It kept me entertained and feeling like the game had something fresh to offer.


    In part, the design of Super Mario Galaxy seems like a 3D update of the first games. While improving the graphics for the sequel, the creators also had to add some new elements to the game, while at the same time using familiar elements from the old games. Though many elements reflected the old games, they felt completely different. This was especially true because they are navigated using the new Wii controller, and because they are 3D.
    The idea of putting the game on a series of “galaxies” was interesting. This allows the game a nice level of variety and some interesting opportunities for the creation of the various levels. The gravity dynamic was also an interesting twist- it definitely made the game harder to navigate and gave it a whole new feel.
    The game was fun, but I think I’d still choose the old Mario game over it. Retro simplicity is sometimes a good thing. But overall, Super Mario Galaxy is a good update.
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    [January 25, 2008 10:46:48 PM]

    Super Mario Galaxy is another sequel to the line of Mario Games. The player uses the Wii controller to direct a Mario avatar through a series of challenges which in many ways resemble the previous Mario games, but are in 3D and take place on a series of planets with changing gravity. The overall goal is to rescue Princess Peach, who has been kidnapped by Bowser.


    For the most part, I spent this session getting through the first few levels and trying to figure out how to control the game. It’s been a long time since I’ve played any of the Mario games, and I had even more trouble trying to use the Wii to control Mario. I had a friend hold the second controller and help me along by freezing my enemies and such, and who could tell me how to play many parts of the game.
    A large portion of the session was spent being told the story which sets up the narrative. I don’t blame them for putting a story in, but I think I wouldv’e been fine just playing the game. I wasn’t terribly attached to the story itself, and had a lot more fun dodging and smashing things and beating challenges than listening to it being told.
    The game itself was pretty fun, but I think I’d rather still play the original Mario games in 2D. There is something ultimately rewarding about just going sideways. In this game, one of the challenges was to move through a constantly changing angle and gravity force. Another addition to the game was the use of the Wii controller, which can do things that the regular Nintendo controller cannot. That was fun.
    There must also be something very rewarding about the game being a sequal to one of the most classic games ever created. Anyone who loves the old Mario games can find pleasure in another recreation and expansion of that idea.
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    Leilosh's Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Friday 25 January, 2008

    Leilosh's opinion and rating for this game

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