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    Doc's Elebits (Wii)

    [January 26, 2008 01:53:20 AM]
    Game Entry #2:

    Game Play:

    I still do not believe that there is much to the story after my second hour of game play. I got a little bit further into the game, where Kai's father calls him and says the he will not be coming home and that the Elebits are acting kind of strange. Kai still believes that his parents love Elebits more than himself. Not much more going on in the story than that. I cant really say that after two hours of game play that I feel any connection with any of the characters in the game. They characters feel empty and dull. They do not have much personality to them.

    The levels are still the same, except I have moved from the upstairs area into the downstairs area. The objects f the levels are still the same, except the developers threw a couple more twists into the objects. One of them was that the gamer has a certain limit of objects they can break, and if they break more than that limit, the game terminates with a level failed. The other new aspect that the developers threw into the fray was that the gamer gets a noise meter, and if they go above the noise meter a certain number of times, then the game terminates into a level failure. They overall objective is still the same though, capture enough Elebits to get enough watts within a certain time limit.

    As dull as I make this game out to be, I still find I give it a 3 stars because there is something that makes me want to keep playing it for a short amount of time. If I fail in a level, I keep trying to beat it, so there is some sort of motivation affect that Elebits does bring to gamers.


    I think that overall what the developers were trying to do with the game was very creative and unique. However, I don't think that they implemented it very well at all. I personally believe that level design is an important aspect to any video game. Each level should contribute something unique to bring the game together as a whole. I definitely do not believe Elebits has this effect. Like I said previously, the levels are not much different from each other and the overall objective is the same. I find this to become boring quickly, which results in me, as a gamer, not wanting to play this game for more than a couple of levels at a time.

    The developers also implemented the Wii controllers into their game very well. To open a door, the gamer must click on the door knob, hold and make a twisting motion with the Wii-mote. This goes for opening faucets and other various objects that the gamer can interact with in the game. However, I did get frustrated easily with these controls as well. When I would open a door, sometimes I would open it up too hard and the door would close automatically, kind of like in real life. This was annoying, as I always had a tendency to do this with the door. The same thing went for opening drawers and cabinets in the rest of the game. I found that you can interact with everything in the levels, which I absolutely loved about the game, but i was also easily frustrated with this fact as well. There would be these items that the gamer would pick up occasionally, and to activate it, the gamer would have to pick it up and slam the item against the floor or an object. Whenever I wanted to do this, the item always never seemed to activate, but when I was just simply trying to move it from one place to another, the item ended up activating and would thus result in me, as a gamer, wasting an item, which would just frustrate me farther.

    I also found the music to be really annoying. I am usually tolerant of most music, because I have been heavily involved in orchestras and bands throughout my life, but I could not stand this music. All of it sounded the same. In every level. In the beginning of every level, it had an option that you could pick music from previous levels if you wanted to. I do not know why it had this option, as the entire score sounded the same, which added annoyance as I played through the game.

    Overall, I found this game to be an average experience. I did not find anything too great about it. Everything was average about it. The story, the game play, and music, the controls, the game world. So, for the overall gaming experience, I give this game a 3 out of 5 stars.
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    [January 25, 2008 11:30:22 PM]
    Game Entry #1:


    Elebits starts off introducing the protagonist of the game, Kai. Kai is a little boy who feels like his parents do not love him because they are too wrapped up in their research of creatures called Elebits. One night there is a storm, and Kai's parents leave him to go take care of their lab, when all of a sudden the electricity goes out. Kai wants to watch his favorite television show, but can't because of the electricity. Remembering that his father told him that Elebits create electricity for humans, Kai grabs his father's capture gun and is bound to capture enough Elebits to get the television working.

    Game Play:

    This game definitely starts off with an interesting story line. During my first hour of game play, the story really did not progress at all. After an hour, I was still playing the character Kai, and still capturing Elebits with my fathers capture gun in order to turn on the television. I feel that every level has the same objective; capture enough Elebits so that I can have enough Watts to power whatever device I want within a time limit. I do not really see what time limits has to do with capturing enough wattage to power up electronic devices throughout the house. I think the developers had a good idea in creating this game, but they did not tie the story very well into the game least not very well within the first hour of game play. But maybe, I am hoping, that that will change my second hour of game play.

    The game play itself was not all that interesting. Like I said before, it felt like every level was the same and all of the objectives of every level was the same. I did not feel like the levels progressed very well. For example, the first level was the bedroom. I had to collect so may Watts within a certain time limit. The second level I started off in the bedroom, but got to go out into the hallway. I had the same objective as the previous level, collect so many Watts in a certain time. And the objective in the third level was the same as level one and two, except the only difference was that I got to explore the bathroom. It felt very repetitive and not very exciting because of this. The story does not progress either; I'm still Kai and I'm still trying to capture Elebits to watch my television show.

    Elebits also is a single player game. There really is no interaction with any bystanders. Come to think of it, there isn't any interaction with NPC's either, which, in my opinion, kind of dulls the game a little bit more.

    I'm hopeing my game play experience will be more exciting the next time around...
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    Doc's Elebits (Wii)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Tuesday 22 January, 2008

    Doc's opinion and rating for this game

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