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    sithjedi's Chrono Trigger (SNES)

    [January 25, 2008 11:27:52 PM]
    Gameplay 2

    There is a free range of what can be done in the game along with some limiting factors. For instance, you are free to pretty much do what you want and go where you want to go. The limiting factors are that even if you run off to do your own thing, you will eventually have to come back and finish the task at hand.

    There are a ton of mini-games and side quests that you can take up. In some cases, the things you do will come back and either help you out or bite you in the butt. For example, I ate a man’s lunch box right off the table and later he came back and told the story of how I ate his lunch, making me seem like a bad person in front of the jury.

    Though there are objectives to complete, it is often difficult to find your destination. The lack of hints makes it hard to proceed normally in the story. You are often wandering about the world map or searching around random houses clueless of where to go next.

    I found the whole concept behind changing the future by altering events in the present and past rather interesting. In order to save the future from an untimely end, Crono and his friends work hard in trying to change the course of events by altering what has already happened or yet to happen.


    The story starts out rather slowly, but tosses you out into the world right off the bat. There are no tutorials as to how the battle and tech systems, which leaves players hanging there having to solve everything themselves. That however, is not a problem as the learning curve is rather low. Players will only need to engage in a single battle to understand the combat system.

    The music presented in the game works well in complimenting the game. It is catchy and fits in well with the mood of the game. There are multiple tracks, which all have their own appeal to them. The music really sticks to you. I often find my friend and I humming to the music as we proceed through the game.

    To add to the replay value, there are multiple endings, which players can unlock by playing through the game a second time and fighting the final boss at different intervals.

    After playing this game I can see how it is a classic. Although the game is old I find myself enticed in playing it.

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    [January 25, 2008 11:25:44 PM]

    Living in a time of peace and prosperity, you take control of the main protagonist Crono. You start the game asleep, comfortably tucked into bed, when you hear someone yelling at you to get out of bed. Turns out that was your mom telling you to get ready to go to the Millenial Fair. After a series of events, Crono and friends discover portals that lead to different time periods, which include past, present, and future. You play the game traveling through these portals in an attempt to change the future by alering history.


    An aspect of Chrono Trigger that I personally want to point out is that there are no random encounters. The monsters and enemies in the game can be clearly seen on the screen. When fighting or engaging in a fight, there are no wait. Combat starts as soon as Crono encounters an enemy. The characters will pull out their weapons and you will be thrown right into the battle.

    Chrono Trigger does a well in keeping players engaged and actively participating in battles. The battle system is rather unique as it strays off the path of your typical turn-based RPG game. When engaging in a fight, the battle takes place in real-time. In other words, enemies will not just sit idly by as a player takes two minutes to make a decision. Each character has a meter that fills up as time passes. When the meter is full, you are then able to choose an action from the command list. Enemies in turn also have their own meter that fills and allows them to make a move. At the end of each battle, you gain exp, tech points, and maybe an item. After accumulating enough tech points, your character will learn a technique. There is a series of techniques that each character can learn. There are cases when combos involving two or even three of the characters can be executed for a deadly attack.

    As far as difficulty goes, the game is pretty easy. Boss fights are rather simple and can be rather easy to overcome. For the most part all you have to do is monitor your health and attack away. There are some bosses that involve some more strategy, but nothing that is head banging difficult.

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    sithjedi's Chrono Trigger (SNES)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Friday 25 January, 2008

    sithjedi's opinion and rating for this game

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