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    Vayu's Chrono Trigger (SNES)

    [January 26, 2008 03:41:31 AM]
    And now we get to the second gameplay session. Well as I embark on another quest to save the princess (every game has one or doesn’t it seem like it) I discovered I kind of like the battle system that is implemented for Chrono Trigger. Instead of having random battles the enemies are always on the map itself so you can see them before you get into the battle. It proved to be much less annoying then those Final Fantasy games. Anyway it proved to be very satisfying to see the monsters fall to the low bit count attacks.
    Another thing I found to be entertaining were the character interactions that go on. The princess, Marle, and Chrono, the main character, get into somewhat awkward situations while the scientist friend Lucca also has her moments when she interrupts the other two in the awkward situation. I must say I really do love the character development that is going on at this point. And I will probably keep playing to see the storyline as it unfolds.
    I loved the way that the multiple timezones have overworlds that do really look like one is the past of the other. It creates a sense that the player is in a huge world that is farther than the ends of the Earth so to speak. Throughout the separate timezones many of the major cities and towns are mirrored albeit in a smaller scale, showing how the expansion of civilization happened over the years. Other then the fact that there are multiple gameworlds, each gameworld in itself is really not that impressive, they are typical for the games on the Super Nintendo.
    The battle system is one that takes a little getting used to, it is based on the typical Final Fantasy 1 battle system, where each party member has the action bar fill up so when it is full they can take an action. Chrono Trigger does this and also incorporates area effects and line effects that can hit multiple enemies depending on how your characters are positioned and where the enemies are located. Because of this area effects sometimes it’s better to wait for the enemies to position themselves for a huge attack instead of just moving as soon as you can. And because of this, battles forced people to think hard about what they were trying instead of just attempting to pound the enemies as soon as they could.
    Also unlike many rpgs, many of the decisions you make in the game do influence what end result you will get. This fact was found out after several failures on a boss to discover that a decision earlier would get me a better item to fight him with. And because of this the gamer inside me wants to try every possible combination of decisions to try and find out what happens in each different case. I would say this definitely raises replay value (and probably annoyance value).
    Chrono Trigger is an rpg that I am definitely going to take the time to beat. I really like this old game.

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    [January 26, 2008 03:04:31 AM]
    Chrono Trigger is a Super Nintendo game that is a rpg. Chrono Trigger is faintly reminiscent of the earlier Final Fantasy games for the actual gameplay, but the battle system was revamped and made timing as well as positioning very important to actually winning battles. Chrono Trigger is also an rpg where time traveling is allowed and lets you do some somewhat interesting stuff to the world map by traveling through time to the same spot in different times.
    What I found to be really entertaining early on was the sheer amount of minigames that were available at near the beginning of the game. Partially because of those minigames, I spent most of the first hour playing doing nearly nothing that was plot related. Some of the minigames that were available also had the tendency to be ridiculously hard, just to the point where it drives players nuts knowing that they can beat it, but also hard enough that it takes quite a bit of effort in order to achieve that goal.
    But the minigames weren’t everything, and soon after I had gotten enough of the points to buy that costly sword I started to move around try and forward the plot. I found the rather cliché mad scientist and daughter who had built a complicated and doomed to failure machine. In this case it was a teleport device that would move the person from one side to the other. However when your friend decides to try it her pendent reacts with the machine and rips a hole in time, which you must then go through in order to save her.
    Despite all of this being somewhat old for storyline sake the next part is what caught my attention. What had just happened is that I found myself in an entirely new area, but it started to look startling familiar until it was revealed that I was actually 400 years in the past. At this point I realized that I had been playing a very long time and decided that eating was a good option.
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    Vayu's Chrono Trigger (SNES)

    Current Status: Finished playing

    GameLog started on: Wednesday 23 January, 2008

    GameLog closed on: Wednesday 20 February, 2008

    Vayu's opinion and rating for this game

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