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    jp's Spiderman 2 (DS)

    [May 31, 2006 01:28:35 PM]
    I've just gone back and re-read my gamelog for Spiderman: The Movie (GBA). I was curious as to whether I would see any of the same problems there as I have experience this time. For some reason, I also thought that both games were made by the same developer, but no.

    Sure enough, there are similar issues...but I feel that in this case they are clearly a LOT worse. (or, I am a lot less willing to put up with them than before).

    So, here is my list of gripes and rants. Taken together they explain why I've decided to move on to another game.

    1. There is no map and no real way of knowing WHERE certain things are...since you are on a time-limit most of the time this adds up to a whole lot of frustration.

    2. Combat controls are very finicky, and can get you killed really fast. (which means having to start the entire level all over again). Since there is no dodge/block you can easily find yourself stuck in a situation where you'll be slowly, but surely, pummeled.

    3. Almost-unassailable locations. Many times there are enemies on ledges which you have to climb up to. That's not the hard part...what is nearly impossible is to actually stand on the particular ledge before getting knocked off! This happens because the "stand-up" action is reeeally slow, so you don't have time to hit/jump/move or do anything before POW!

    The third point is what frustrated me the most. I felt I was relying more on luck and skill...and trust me, I did try different approaches and strategies.

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    [May 30, 2006 09:31:30 AM]
    I started playing this on Friday on the train and I've been surprised by a few things. First of all, I'm surprised by how similar, in gameplay and "feel", this game is to the GBA Spiderman I played not too long ago. Secondly, I'm surprised by how little the touchscreen is used. This is, so far, a game you don't need the stylus for). Thirdly, I'm pleasantly surprised by how good this game looks! The animation and camera movements are VERY fluid and definitely feel "spidey". Yay!

    This game is basically 2D in terms of gameplay (cardinality of gameplay is 2D) even though the environments are rendered to look 3D and the camera moves in 3D sometimes. I'm intrigued to not how the visuals haven't affected my play experience except for one thing: I now seem to get lost a bit easier! I really miss not having a map,especially when I have to scour a level to find the 30 convicts that need defeating. It's hard to havea sense of where I've been and where I might want to go.

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    jp's Spiderman 2 (DS)

    Current Status: Stopped playing - Got frustrated

    GameLog started on: Saturday 27 May, 2006

    GameLog closed on: Wednesday 12 July, 2006

    jp's opinion and rating for this game

    Read the gamelog. I just can't recommend it...though it looks great the combat system just became unbearable.

    Rating (out of 5):starstar

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