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    el_raton_muerto's Rayman Raving Rabbids (Wii)

    [January 26, 2008 10:04:06 PM]
    Game Play:

    For the second session of playing, I played with a friend of mine. Playing the multiplayer of this game is essentially exactly the same as playing the multiplayer. The only difference is that there is no story. You simply choose the mini game you want to play, from an aesthetically pleasing list of mini games. The games are made exponentially more entertaining when you are trash talking, cheering, and most of all competing with friends. This is definitely a good party game. This game is perfect for playing with friends because there are so many games that everyone will find the game they are good at. Usually the games start out fairly easy and get harder and harder as time passes. Most games last around a minute.

    There was also a slight change in the story; for one the crowd of bunnies are cheering for you. When the game started the crowed booed, as the game progressed, the crowd became much smaller and less enthusiastic, and now the crowed is cheering Rayman on vigorously. Also, the guard is kind to you, before he simply threw you into your unfurnished cell, now the guard is kind to Rayman, and your room is nicely decorated. All in all I feel that this was a great game. The revolutionary controller is the secret to why this game is so fun.


    This game was very well designed. Again, I cannot stress the importance of the controller. This game would be a TERRIBLE game if not for the controller for the Wii. The games are random but very fun to play. Before each game, you are provided with a simple explanation of the controls. Each game uses different aspects of the remote. Some games involve using the Wii remote as a hammer, some involve using the nun chuck and the remote to dance with, some games involve using the remote as a gun. There are many different uses for the controller, this makes every game different.

    This game is ideal for social interaction among players. Most of the games are competitive and you and your friends can have a blast playing against each other.

    As good as this game is, it is not without problems. For example, as I play the game more and more, I see the same games more and more, the only difference is that the difficulty increases. This seems to show that the creativity is lacking in creating new games. Also it seems to me that some games focus to much on luck, and not enough on skill. Some games are so, so simple that they are boring.

    The game is starting to get repetitive, especially in its format: complete 3 mini games, first person shooter game, go to your cell. It has been this way since the beginning, no twists or turns of any kind, everything stays the same. But as I said before, the controller makes this game so fun to play, that everything else is ALMOST unimportant.
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    [January 26, 2008 10:02:29 PM]

    In Rayman Raving Rabbids for the Nintendo Wii, the player plays as Rayman, the game starts out in a cutscene, Rayman is having a picknick with his cute animal friends, he is then kidnampped and imprisoned in a place that resembles the Roman Colosseum. The game progresses by completing various different mini games. There are four games available, when you complete three of them, the main gates open and You play a mini first person shooting game. The purpose of the game is to escape, and free your friends (cute animals).


    This game is very different from any game I have ever played. The game focuses around the innovative new gamplay the Wii rmote provides. This game is very fun to play because it is so revolutionary and different. Instead of having a linear story, with actions that clearly lead to the end, this game deviates slightly; for example it does have a main story line but it is unclear, and the mini games have nothing to do, whatsoever with the story line. It seems as if the story line was only incorporated as an added bonus. The game is made worthwhile by the mini games. The mini games put to use the revolutionary controller; all the games involve using the nun chuck and the Wii remote in different ways that are very entertaining. For exapmple there is one game where you have to fly, in most games this involves moving the joysticks, but with the Wii it actually feels like you are flying the bird, the highly responsive controller gives the player absolute control over the bird you are flying. What makes this game great is that it makes seemingly everyday, boring games extremely fun because of the way the Wii remote allows you to play.

    When you complete three out of the five games available in the colluseum, the main gates open and you play a shooting game. After you complete this game, a huge intimidating bunny guard takes you back to your cell. In your cell you can listen to different songs you unlocked, wear the different clothing articles you unlocked, you can also review the games you played “today.”

    The story was created to keep the person playing the game, guessing. This means that you are as confused and bewildered as Rayman is. After returning to your cell, the guard gives u a plunger. The plunger is used by Rayman to build a ladder to a window that is way, way above the ground. This is the point of the game, to get plungers.

    This is a feel good game. The mood is light and comical. The mini games are usually comical, this makes it a good game because it puts you in a good mood, it is not a violent bloodbath of a game, which makes it entertaining for all ages.
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    el_raton_muerto's Rayman Raving Rabbids (Wii)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Wednesday 23 January, 2008

    el_raton_muerto's opinion and rating for this game

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