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    UntILLtheEND's Chrono Trigger (SNES)

    [January 27, 2008 09:06:37 PM]

    I haven't reached anywhere close to the end yet, but I understand this game contains multiple endings depending on certain actions the player takes throughout the game. I think that more RPGs should do this, but it seems like less and less have since Chrono Trigger. I think its a lot more interactive to have the ending be dependent upon player actions. It means I have more involvement in the story. And the way Chrono Trigger executes it, nothing is really taken away from the MAIN storyline. The creator/writer can still implement his idea in such a way that the player has this interactive control over the end.

    Concerning the story, I think the reason its so enjoyable is that it concerns the apocolypse. It makes the story "heavy" and more meaningful IMO.


    Chrono Trigger has some very nice graphics, considering when it was produced. the artwork created by Akira Toriyama is distinct and well done. The game itself takes advantage of several special graphics features of the SNES to produce effects such as complex sprite layering. It really pushes the system to its limits.

    Another nice touch is the active combat system, which makes the timing of player actions more important. No longer does the player have the ability to simply wait (unless they chose the "wait" option), they have to actually decide their actions quickly, making the turn-based system much more realistic.

    The musical score for this game is also very well done. As a musician, I can appreciate the time and energy that was put into it. Despite the limitations of the SNES sound processor, the melodies and harmonies themselves are appropriate, I feel, to the game and help create the atmosphere.

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    [January 27, 2008 07:09:15 PM]

    I really enjoy Chrono Trigger's story. So much so that even if the gameplay was terrible, I would still probably play the game. That being said, the gameplay is far from terrible and really is quite enjoyable.

    It is pretty much a traditional RPG, with basic RPG elements such as leveling, special techniques, equipment, and turn-based combat. However, in the context of when it was released, it was pretty revolutionary. Plus, the elimination of random battles makes the game so much more enjoyable. It encourages exploration and prevents the common Final Fantasy Syndrome (FFS) where you rush through every dungeon as fast as possible, and even seem to be rapidly pressing the A button when you AREN'T accosted by a randomly appearing enemy.

    I like how each area is unique and has many different things to do. These things give the game character and help to mix up the pace and tension. For example, the Leene's square mini-games are enjoyable.

    Another thing about Chrono Trigger, is that it employs the "silent protagonist." Now, this strategy usually only works if the story is told REALLY well, with some amazing character development. The silent protagonist is a way of bringing the player closer to the story, so to speak. It replaces the protagonist's dialogue with the player's own thoughts. I have mixed feelings about this. In a game like Chrono Trigger, it helps because the story is told so well, and the character development is well done. But every now and then, you are left wondering about the thoughts of the character you control. As a gamer, your perspective often changes from that of being in the story, to being in control of what happens in the story. And as your perspective broadens, you find yourself caring about the thoughts of your character, which in a game like this, are absent.
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    [January 27, 2008 04:41:06 PM]
    Summary: The game is a top-down 2D RPG which follows the adventures of Crono, a seemingly normal enough person as he uses his friend Lucca's time machine to travel through time and help prevent an appocolyptic future.

    The control scheme is relatively simple, and the game uses most common RPG conventions (IE equipable weapons, items, magic spells). The gameplay is unique because of the time travel function. It lets you see the same area of the world in several different time periods.
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    UntILLtheEND's Chrono Trigger (SNES)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Sunday 27 January, 2008

    UntILLtheEND's opinion and rating for this game

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