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    Schua's Metroid Prime (GC)

    [February 6, 2008 09:11:27 PM]
    Entry #2


    After a few hours of playing, the game can get repetitive. After all, all you do is shoot and find stuff. The part that keeps me going is whenever I find an upgrade which brings me back some excitement. It is still interesting to play because I enjoy exploring, but my excitement to play is slowly decreasing.

    As I progress further into the game I was able to find a few more weapons to add into my armament. I got a few new type of beams. Each beam had its own unique graphics design and effectiveness which was fairly cool. As usual, you don't really know much of the story unless you piece together background text, but you just know you progressed further in the game cause you killed a few more bosses, and your map GPS system becomes bigger as you explore more areas. The background text does hint something Samus may be a hero of a legend that comes to save the world.


    I think the best element that Nintendo added into this game is the HUD display in this first person shooter. It gives player a grasp of feel of what is it to be like behind a suit and a helmet.I can lock on to things and scan new objects which gives me a description of it. I think Nintendo wanted player to get imbedded into this suit that Samus wears.

    The bad part of this game is how poorly the progression of the story is. I literally had to scan every object in the game to piece together puzzles in order to figure what happened in the past. This can get irritating. Good thing Nintendo made it that you can receive secrets unlocked if you scan a certain percentage of things in the game as an incentive. Even then I still become lazy to scan stuff or just simply forgot. Another bad thing is that even though the game has a lot of secrets, they are all well hidden. You may require a guide to figure out where to go or else you're not going to get very far in the game because things do get harder to kill.

    The map level of the game was designed quite brilliantly. There are 5+ big zones, each with its own unique terrain, and they are all puzzle-like basis. The game was made so you won't be able to clear out an entire zone in one sitting. You will eventually have to go back in each zone to unlock further secrets and stuff to progress further in the game.

    The game created interesting challenges by making players jump over variety of obstacles and solve puzzles. You must also go through many mazes that are filled with creatures that you have to kill to get to your destination. Then there is also bosses that you must kill with variety of strategies.

    Overall this is a fun interesting game to play. I try to view Metroid Prime as a classic adventurer game where I must explore a whole world by myself. If you do enjoy exploring and don't care much about the story, then this is a game for you.

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    [February 6, 2008 08:19:39 PM]
    Entry #1


    In Metroid Prime, you are a female bounty hunter named Samus Aran who has been chasing down space pirates that tries to conquer the universe. You discover they have been secretly researching deadly biotechnology on a planet named Talon IV and you attempt to stop them single handedly. The game itself is a first person shooter. Throughout the game you will have to solve puzzles to proceed further into the game as well gaining power ups to buff up Samus in order to defeat the space pirates and bosses. You will find lots of various weapons and tools to aid you across the mind puzzling map of Talon IV.


    When I first played this game, I was shocked by the stunning graphics that was displayed by the game. It made me feel that this game was made in the future was brought back in time only to be sold for more profit. The graphics was comparable to future console graphics which was quite hard to imagine. In the tutorial-like starting zone, right where I first start the game, I became immediately impressed on how Nintendo was able to make a realistic futuristic first person shooter in space. It just looked so real that I find it unbelievable. They made good use of the lighting and background. You can see astroids floating near around you.

    Like the previous Metroid games, the player only know Samus by just a brief description of what she does and who she is. You never really see her face except a brief glimpse of her eyes so she presents a bit of a mystery. The character also never talks since she's always alone, and there's no one to interact with other than just reading ancient scripts from a wall. The story unfolds more as you progress further into the game only if you read the background scripts but is still awkward to understand. It is like a jigsaw puzzle, you have to piece them together. You probably can beat the whole game without understanding a single thing on what is going on in the game. The concept is simple to get though, just go after the space pirates and stop whatever they're trying to do.

    The game is interesting to play because of the cool graphics, but may get you frustrated over the puzzles to solve. I think Nintendo really like their consumers to work their minds a little when they play. Social interaction seems limited, if you got friends watching you play, they would probably just keep asking the same question over and over again about where you going. The response would be quite similar too, just following the radar. Overall I still think it's a pretty fun game because of the variety weapons that you unlock and the variety of movements that you must master to get to you destination.
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    Schua's Metroid Prime (GC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Wednesday 6 February, 2008

    Schua's opinion and rating for this game

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