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    Albert's Star Wars Battlefront (XBX)

    [February 9, 2008 02:00:08 AM]
    Gamelog 2

    The second time playing I played with a partner which enhanced the gaming experienced. We were teammates but at the same time competing to get the most kills. I picked the same map, Genosis, because I loved this map and as an avid sniper I have the advantage. Also, there are extra enemies that when you kill them it does not reduce enemy’s troop numbers. So I could possible get over 250 kills, the number of troops each team has, even though it is nearly impossible to do. The outcome of the game was obvious; I came out to be the winner with my sniping skills. I enjoyed the fact that I started to play this game and learning the basics quickly, since the button layout is very similar to many firsts’ person shooters.

    The last couple of games I tried the game in the hardest mode by myself and OH MAN this mode is so difficult. Almost every character in the game seemed like a sniper, and snipers enemies were killing me with ever step that I go. Even though if I manage to kill over 100 enemies, I still lose by over 100. When the game was over and I checked the states of my fellow AI teammates, they had negative kills, thus meaning they pretty much killed each other. It would have been way better if I played with out them. There was no way I could beat this hard mode with my sniper, which is why I found a new character to play with, the pilot. The pilot had no infantry skills but when he boards a vehicle, he is a killer. Just riding on these massive vehicles made me feel like I am in the battle scenes of the movie. It took me a good 3 hours to figure out which vehicle was the most rigged of them all and I found out how rigged the board plane was. This thing was meant to transports troops back and forth in the map but ended up being a killing machine. To make this killer work is that I have to board to maximum capacity then each unit on board can control over several laser beams and own massive amounts of enemies. The best thing about this ship is that I get to hover above all the enemies which means they are so dumb that they cannot see me from above and all I did was to shoot areas where there was a dense amount of enemies and kill them by the masses. This is probably the only way I could beat hard mode on Genosis.

    This game is pretty much nothing but emergence. I understand that it follows the story lines of Star Wars battle by battle, but it is the same kill and conquer game throughout each level and any other game mode. Even though it was the same game each time, this is the type of shooter gets credit for what I said before, kill and conquer, but by the masses. This is where Battlefront gets its credit; it is exactly like the battles of the movie. Most people watched Star Wars for the insane battle scenes and now they get to play those scenes.

    Like what I said about Battlefront being like the movie, but the level design in this game pretty much looks like each battle terrain in the movie. I really don’t remember how the movie goes but I do know that this follows very well with the movie at the same time giving players a fun level design where players get to run around huge levels, fight enemies in many types of laser terrants, and fight in big legged walking robots.

    This game may seem very easy to learn but it could be challenging, if players played this game in the hardest mode. Oh man this game mode is so tough. Just beating this game in this level gives me the reward of bragging rights for anyone who has not beaten this game in the hardest mode. MUHAHA
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    [February 6, 2008 09:08:27 PM]
    First gamelog entry

    Star Wars Battlefront, developed by Pandemic Studios and published by Lucas Arts, is a first or third person shooter where players could pick to battle with the classical or the requel of the Star Wars trilogies. The classical era is the battle of the Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire while the requel era is the battle of the Galactic Empire and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Each faction comes with five classes of characters,basic infantry, the sniper, heavy arms, pilot, and a special unit. Battlefront is either played with a first person story mode or multiplayer where the basic objective of the game is to either kill off all the enemies or capture all of the territories.

    I played many first person shooters and this is basically like any other. I love how this game is closly related to the movies battle scenes where there are hundreds of soldiers taking out each other, laser bullets flying across the screen, and huge vehicles shooting massive lazer cannons. Another aspect that I discovered about this game is that the battle arena is huge. It takes me a while just to get to the other side of the map. Battlefront is an ideal first person shooter game that I would play because I love space and quantity when I play. The more enemies there are the more I can kill. All of this freedom and space makes me feel like I am playing Starwars the Movie.

    I started playing this game in the freeplay mode where there really is no objective but to kill off all of your enemies. I choosed one of my most favorite characters in any first person shooters, the sniper. The world map I choose was Genesis which was a flat desert like arena. I choose this so I could put use the less hilly terrian that gave an advantage for snipers because I could pretty much see every enemy with the sniper scope. I had soo much fun just picking of enemies here and there, even though I put it on easy mode. This game is perfect for increasing my sniping skills for any type of first person shooter. I would most definately play this game before I play a Halo tournment just so I can practice my sniping skills.

    This entry has been edited 1 time. It was last edited on Feb 6th, 2008 at 21:10:01.

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    Albert's Star Wars Battlefront (XBX)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Wednesday 6 February, 2008

    Albert's opinion and rating for this game

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