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    Ogre Knight's BioShock (360)

    [February 9, 2008 01:21:06 AM]
    Aesthetics are a Moral imperitive.
    Why does a man need two eyes, when their is simply one eye of the beholder?
    Creepier words have never been spoken by a Mister Steinman.
    In my second three-quarter increment I explored and mastered the medical pavilion. As well as providing key story elements, and a creepy insight into the progression of the cities madness I was gifted with knowledge of the games multiple weapon, Splicing, and Death sequences. The Vite-Chambers seem to revive you at no penalty upon your demise, which takes away a large part of the horror factor of this game, and death having at least a simple punishment seemed like a necessary Evil. The splicing system has multiple types, ranging from physical (increase speed of attack, increase melee damage etc.) to mental (regain life every time you hack) but allowing the player a level of customization. This factor gives the character their own personal take on the story, and makes them put effort and care into the character. The weapon system is pretty standard from any other shooter, with the exception of the Splicer combination with weapons that can be accomplished. For example fight grenades with Telekinesis.
    This level began creepy and ended creepy. With splicers dissapearing and reappearing with the light changes and the overall Medical Pavilion's creepy social psychopath doctors giving slogans around the clock on how to make you as pretty as a goddess. saying you could do what Picasso did with a painting to a human's face is a definate plus of the first boss.
    The multiple splice system is a very ingenious idea for a video game that created a "powerful skeptic" character. The ability to choose between saving a little girl, or killing her for more power allows several different types of players to get their fill out of this game and obviously leads to different endings.
    I was egged on to kill the girl for power. and what was said in the resulting speech is exactly what I think about this game.
    "You made the right choice."
    I give this game 4 stars.
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    [February 9, 2008 01:06:53 AM]
    Is not the man entitled o the fruits of his labor?
    No says the man in Washington, it belongs to the poor.
    No says the man in the Vatican, it belongs to God.
    No says the man in Moscow, it belongs to everybody.
    I rejected these Ideals, and instead wrote a gamelog.
    The first thing that I knew coming into the game is that the gameplay was a psychological horror from a point in the 1960s. The second thing I knew was it was nearly a direct imitation of Deux Ex, except steam punk instead of Sci-fi.
    The writing, graphics, and first-person shooter system allows for nice gameplay and connection to the main character. The "Splicer" concept explains the "superpowers" you and your opponents get throughout the game via advances in Genetics. The satire on Ayn Rand's theories of a completely free market society throughout the game is subtle enough to interest gamers in a completely different story, but blatant enough to make the connection.(such as the Meglomaniac of Rapture being named Andrew Ryan) The rewards system is sweet, though the Hacking system seems a bit boring, and is hard to accept scientifically (Changing the steam vents allows you to bypass computer systems?) Based on the rate of occurrence I will probably need to use it many times throughout the game.

    From opening to Medical Pavilion (where I am currently) This game has captivated and scared me on multiple levels. The trauma in the town of Rapture and The insanity of it's inhabitants while you are being led by Atlas might make this game a classic. The Splicing of superpowers into your bloodstream give the player some sense of godliness, however the fact that every opponent int he game possesses similar powers and has some mastery over the environment gives the horror another edge. The exploring of every room seems necessary, both in finding journals of residents of this Atlantis, or for simple First Aid kits to save yourself. At the end of my first forty-five minutes I managed to find myself hacking two turrets, a personal flying bodyguard and a healing station, which basically dominated a room. Nothing fulfills your blood lust like watching enemies go into your blood soaked room. So far the game deserves five stars, however I can see that changing easily.
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    Ogre Knight's BioShock (360)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Thursday 7 February, 2008

    Ogre Knight's opinion and rating for this game

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