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    Significant's Enter the Matrix (PS2)

    [February 8, 2008 08:38:25 PM]
    Game log 2

    Game play:

    Thus far, the story seems to be pretty interesting, although I am a fan of Matrix and anything about it would probably arouse my appeal. The game uses a mix of extra footage from the film with cinematic scenes to help the story progress, and I thought this was a pretty good way of telling the story because I enjoyed the breaks in between to watch a short clip.

    This game has a fairly deep fighting system, you can choose either to take out enemies with the wide array of guns at your disposal, or you can go on close and use hand to hand combat to take them out. When you get in close to the enemy your character automatically switches to hand to hand combat. The fighting mechanic coupled with the slow motion mechanic made the game play very fun.


    The soundtrack and sound effects in the game was very well produced. For example, when hitting or punching someone it makes that whoosh sound like in the movies, and when you are shooting or getting shot at in slow motion you can hear the bullets going past you. Every gun sounds different which also adds realism to the game. The soundtrack used in the game came straight from the movie and this added to the realism of the game as it made a connection with the movie. It gave me the same excited feeling I had when I watched the movie.

    The slow motion mechanic in this game was probably the key to making the game somewhat interesting to play. Using the focus button you become stronger and faster (although you are moving in slow motion) while it is pressed you can cartwheel and do flips in order to dodge incoming bullets, and it is really effective and opens up many options about how to defeat an enemy. Using the focus button you could run up to a wall and do a cartwheel off of it, ending it with an aerial kick, or you could jump and roll around to dodge bullets. This game element gave me complete control over how to use my character allowing me many different possibilities to use a combination of martial art moves and gun fighting to defeat the enemies.

    One of the bad elements in the game was the camera views provided. I personally did not like how I had to run in a circle in order to view what was behind me. The character couldn’t just turn around and even when attempting to run backwards, he would peddle backwards rather than immediately turning around. This made the game a bit awkward for me since I was always spanning around most of the time. Another negative element that I noticed while playing was that if I got close enough to any enemy, I was virtually invincible especially with the bullet time mechanic. Although the kung fu moves and combinations were interesting and fun, I thought that if I played another hour of the game, I would get bored of the repetitiveness and the lack of challenge in fighting enemies. However I think what the developers did to combat this was to put the player in long aisles most of the time, where running up to an enemy and bashing his brains in wasn’t the best option. Instead you would have to resort to gunfire, but sometimes there were so many enemies and so little ammo that I found myself dying quick. Going along with my opinion that the game was underdeveloped, Id have to say that if the gunplay was as satisfying as the hand to hand or if the designers spent more time balancing issues so that you got an even mix of both, then the game would have a greater replay value.
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    [February 8, 2008 03:33:57 AM]
    Game log entry 1


    Enter the Matrix for PS2 is an action adventure game that incorporates the bullet time (slow motion) mechanism. The plot of the game is set in a side story of what happened in the film Matrix: Reloaded. In the game you are given the option to use either Ghost or Niobe, both minor characters in the actual film. Using either character, you must complete each continuous stage, fighting enemies using weapons, bullet time, and martial arts.

    Game play:

    First off, I really liked the bullet/slow motion mechanism that they used in the game. The use of the mechanism distinctly tied the game to the actual movie with its use of slow motion, only now the player has complete control over when to slow time and dodge bullets. The use of this mechanism along with the characters, sound, and artwork of the game created this magic circle that closely matched the experience of what I felt when I saw the Matrix trilogies, except I was actually taking park in an additional story.

    Though I have only played Ghost, I think the characters used in the game helped support the story and where the game was going, although I would like to have used Neo.

    One negative aspect of game play that I noticed was the 3rd person camera view of the character’s back as he/she ran around. The character wasn’t even able to turn around and run in the opposite direction, but instead could only back peddle without the camera ever turning, which greatly limited the control I had over viewing my surroundings.

    As I got more into the game game, it felt like the game lacked substance. It felt like it was underdeveloped and it felt like the game wasn’t too interesting, almost as if the creators rushed the game without taking time to work on game play issues. I even ran into a glitch in the game where somehow I jumped through a wall of boxes and ended up on the other side having view of the room that I was in, but not having the ability to move. The only remedy was to exit the game and reload. The glitch was almost a matrix within the matrix and I am not 100 percent sure that what happened was in fact a glitch, but if it was then it supports my opinion of how the production of the game felt rushed.
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    Significant's Enter the Matrix (PS2)

    Current Status: Stopped playing - Got Bored

    GameLog started on: Friday 8 February, 2008

    GameLog closed on: Friday 8 February, 2008

    Significant's opinion and rating for this game

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