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    nanostylex7's Donkey Kong Country 2 (SNES)

    [February 8, 2008 07:55:30 PM]
    Gamelog Entry #2


    For my second walkthrough of Donkey Kong 2, my skills improved (or more of, they had to improve) as I went further through the game. I myself felt this game to be too challenging for younger kids, which is troubling because with all the whimsical graphics and and ideas, I really felt as though this game was aimed at a younger audience.

    The level of difficulty aside, I was highly intrigued by the the boss battles and after a while, finding enough coins to access the bonus levels (which were insanely difficult as well). The game really caught my attention in the difference of levels and backgrounds which really captured a sense of being not very possible and more imaginative, which was fun.

    Another aspect of the game not mentioned in my first log is the inclusion of animals that help you in your quest. Each animal has a different skill which you can use when you mount them. These skills include speed, swimming, or jumping. Plus, some of them you don't ride or even physically interact with,but still provide a tremendous amount of support. The game gets even better when you actually get to transform into one of the many animals present giving you better movement and control.


    The level design for the game follows a simple process. The beginning levels of the game of deceptively easy, but as the game progresses, these levels become very hard. The first world serves more as a training ground to hone your skills controlling the chimps, but as you reach later worlds, you'll have to deal with harder obstacles and enemies.

    The levels are of great variation, though. From pirate ships to carnivals, this game will constantly keep you entertained, as each new world brings some new level design concept such as riding roller coasters or getting over large gaps using nothing, but spider webs. I felt as though I needed to grasp a new concept or skill in the game just to keep up, which is good, since this idea will make it so that you always feel involved.

    The game has a very strong reward system, but the most difficult I've encountered. You can search every piece of land there is an Donkey Kong 2, so that you can find every coin and bonus box so that you can admire your 100% completion of the game. (In which case, I will bow before and worship you as a platformer god). Of course, you have all the resources to find these hidden items, it just requires a lot of skill, time, and a little luck.

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    [February 8, 2008 04:19:06 PM]
    Gamelog Entry #1


    In Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kongquest, players take control of a chimp named Diddy and girl chimp companion in a 2-D, side-scrolling platformer. The goal of the game each world is to go though every level and defeat the main boss of that level, while the end goal is to save Donkey Kong from an evil pirate lizard. The game provides many side challenges such as finding bonus barrels within levels or beating the secret levels in the game. A unique function in the game lets you switch between the two chimps at any time (because you only control one at a time, while the other just follow until summoned).


    In my first 45 minutes of playing this game, I can say that I feel like I have really been challenged in this game. It was very fun to play, though I must say that it lacks a good story. All you know is that Donkey has been kidnapped and it is your job to rescue him.

    As I played the first few levels, I got a good sense of enviroment from each world (though I've only seen two so far). I started off on a pirate ship and the levels progressed through the ship with very few deviations from the path you needed to take. Each level has a plethora of items to be found. From bananas to banana coins to extra live ballons, there was plenty of hidden items to be found. What I liked best is that there are hidden stages within levels that, at first, will be simple to locate, but later on, become increasingly harder to either find or get to.

    Herein, lies my greatest facination with the game: anyone can pick it up and start playing. If you want to just get through the game without locating all the items or secret levels, it is perfectly fine because those items are optional anyways. It only takes a true perfectionist to search every nook and cranny to find everything and get 100% completion. (Though I've got to say that when you take this into account, this is one of the hardest platormers I've ever played.)

    The main characters in the game are a little whimsical (seeing chimps in clothing is always amusing), but don't say much in the game. You don't hear a lot of people talking in this game, but there is some dialogue (some). So like I said before, this game doesn't excel at storytelling, but the interaction between your two main characters is a highlight in the game. You can switch between both main characters at anytime (provided that both of them are with you) and the animation between switching is hilarious everytime I watch it. As a plus, you can even use a tag team throwing manuever that becomes really useful once you learn how to use it. Overall though, the characters are simple to control, but take sometime to master.
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    nanostylex7's Donkey Kong Country 2 (SNES)

    Current Status: Finished playing

    GameLog started on: Friday 8 February, 2008

    GameLog closed on: Wednesday 20 February, 2008

    nanostylex7's opinion and rating for this game

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