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    gamemaster's Guitar Hero (PS2)

    [February 8, 2008 04:14:16 PM]
    After playing Guitar Hero for a second round of forty-five minutes I came to realize that it is a far different game than I have ever played before. It does not involve violence or athletics, which are two extremely common themes throughout the videogame industry. The game really reaches out to those of us who perhaps are looking for something a little different, and it is effective in that. And while I feel slightly ridiculous simulating playing an instrument (not well) instead of actually learning how to play the real thing, it is evident that the game is not really about playing the guitar. It is about playing a game, and if you let go of the idea that you are trying to play an instrument it becomes a lot more fun.
    I have to admit that although I am not the most talented gamer, Guitar Hero was especially difficult for me. In my opinion it requires a much different set of skills than most other games. Doing well at this game depends greatly on hand-eye coordination and simply the ability to remain calm and complete a task without being overwhelmed. This is not something I am great at and I easily become frazzled before I even complete a song. I cannot see any strategy that would help me improve accept for simply practicing. While I understand the appeal of successfully finishing a song (the excitement and accomplishment) I do not see myself practicing enough to be able to do this.
    Guitar Hero is a game about challenging yourself. Unlike a Mario game or a racing game, you do not complete levels in order to get to a final stage; you get to choose the difficulty of the song and the specific song you want to hear as well. This is a really good aspect of the game because enables a lot f different people to play together. I can easily play an easy song, right after a friend of mine plays an expert-level song and it does not in any way disrupt their personal progress.
    The aesthetics of Guitar Hero are very special and important to the enjoyment of the game. While you play the game you see the image of moving guitar strings with colored buttons that move towards you. Behind the guitar is the player that your chose to be standing on a stage as if he/she were playing for a crowd at a venue. This may have to be my favorite part of the game. Watching the character rocking out looks almost alien-like and can be quite entertaining. However, watching this unique show can often distract me from my own guitar playing, and staying focused is key to succeeding in Guitar Hero.
    One thing lacking in Guitar Hero is a goal or reward. While it is true that the goal of the game is to play a son to the best of your ability and thus get a high score, because you play one son at a time it never feels as though you are reaching any sort of objective.
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    gamemaster's Guitar Hero (PS2)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Friday 8 February, 2008

    gamemaster's opinion and rating for this game

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