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    spoo's Devil May Cry 4 (360)

    [February 9, 2008 12:05:07 AM]

    For my second attempt at the game I started on the fourth level which culminated with a very difficult boss fight. The boss would go through various patterns, but would switch things up when I got comfortable with his current pattern. Beating him took several tries, but finally I over game his evil ways and vanquished the mighty foe. This game was meant to be played through multiple times, but with the difficulty I have, and my inability to play the game for hours on end I will probably beat it only once or twice before never playing it again.

    One feature that I'd like to delve into is the revving the sword. It is similar to Squall's gunblade where a carefully timed trigger press and your attaxks will do more damage. The biggest difference is DMC moves much faster, making it worthwhile for me to simply spam the left trigger and hope for the best. That method more often then not yields better returns then me thinking about the trigger and when to squeeze it.

    This iteration of DMC was made to show off the power of the current gen systems. The game runs beautifully through fast moving scenes with many entities on screen with no notable framerate chops. The game can do this by providing usually smaller, static spaces, with minimal camera control. The art direction and the quality assurance people must have worked very hard to create a game that is so visually pleasing and virtually no bugs.

    One major design decision that has been prevelent in all of the games (except maybe 2) is the scarcity of health. Upon levels changing you get a recharge and before bosses you usually pick up a fuull health orb, but for the meat of the game you are running with what you have. Enemies rarely drop health, so it mostly comes from breaking pots or other inanimate objects. Because of this the player does not want to get hurt, and when fighting multiple enemies of different types this can be very difficult.

    The game was made to be difficult, and Capcom did exactly that, they give an easier difficulty for the feint of heart, and let the rest trudge through usually with difficulty.
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    [February 8, 2008 08:08:44 PM]


    This game is jawesome, it has everything from almost naked women to flaming swords. The game is amazing graphics, with multiple difficulties that lead to almost never ending replay value. The game has two difficulties to start, human and demon hunter, the former is only chosen by old people and women. The game combines fast action swordplay with projectile weapons with unlimited ammo. As you progress through the game, you collect different orbs which allow you to buy items and abilities. After playing through on the demon hunter difficulty a new difficulty opens and you carry all the items from your previous play throughs.


    The gameplay is astounding. When a skilled player is at the helm Dante's and Nero's attacks are seemless, no matter the enemies you can juggle, and just completely trounce looking like a pro. As you beat down on enemies the game gives you a letter grade that you can increase by performing quick combos, and the meter resets if you get hit. This lets players know how they are doing in real time. All enemies drop red orbs, which buy items and some enemies drop green orbs, which give you health. After each mission you're given a letter grade based on how much time you took, your style points, and how many red orbs you collected. You then get soul points which can buy abilities based on what letter grade you got on that level.

    The game starts out with a somewhat enigmatic character named Nero and his interactions with a group that looks like the catholic church and Dante, the hero from all three previous games. The game starts out with an epic fight between Nero and Dante where both learn the other has demonic powers, and Dante is clearly the stronger of the two. The player then controls Nero who adds several new abilities to the table. Most notably his right arm is called the devil bringer and can be used to phantomly grab enemies, and hurl them with superhuman strength. His sword also can be revved up and used to burn enemies in a fiery explosion.
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    spoo's Devil May Cry 4 (360)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Friday 8 February, 2008

    spoo's opinion and rating for this game

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