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    lpvillan's God of War (PS2)

    [February 9, 2008 01:27:15 AM]
    Session 2


    The story has not gotten much interesting. What seems to be developing are the different powers I can combine with your combos. Also I really like that there is no limit to the red orbs you can get (which are kind of like a currency). Once you collect enough you can level up the weapon and then your combos become more powerful, more effective and battle becomes more bloody which really excites me. Also the variety of difficulty, sizes, and techniques of the enemies really put your new combos and “God powers” to the test.

    The game is fun to play, but I notice that its fun without thinking of the narrative. The story doesn’t interest me and I’m not playing because I care to find out more about Kronos. I’m a lot more anxious to get to Ares and see how I’d fare against a true God of war.


    One thing I really enjoyed in this game is the number of chests with different colored orbs that increased you health, “magic” and “power-up points” that were made readily available after segments in which you fight different enemies. This was good because after fighting my “magic” was always very low. I also liked that the camera angles were forced in a way so that the game always guided you to where to go. There was some flexibility (exploring or looking for more orbs) but the game didn’t really let you get lost.

    I also enjoyed the artwork; it made everything look realistic and made my attacks pleasurable to see and helped keep my interest. I also really liked that some things, like opening heavy doors required quickly pushing R2 multiple times to represent the force Kratos was using to pull up on the door. I think that really helped involved the player in a new “realistic” way because it’s a way to represent exerting force through the controller.

    One thing I noticed was the absence of “levels”. There are no clear level you move on to except that when you earn enough red orbs you can afford to “level” up and as you progress in the game and get closer to Ares you encounter enemies that are slightly harder or come in more numbers than before. You also are awarded powers from the Gods and that also seemed to me a type of reward/level hybrid because that usually marked you going into a new stage in the game in which that technique would be needed from then on until the next power.

    The only thing I’d probably change would be adding some more clothing on the poor girls. I’d probably also give them a breast reduction on account that I feel they might be suffering from back problems.
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    [February 8, 2008 11:08:41 PM]
    Play session 1


    God of War is one-player action adventure game with some puzzle elements. The story takes place in ancient Greece where Ares is destroying Athens. The Gods of Olympus have ordered Kratos (your avatar) to go and destroy them. Along the way they may assign some small tasks and then they grant you some powers. There is a back story about Kratos being a bloodthirsty fiend but is now repenting and so is a slave to the gods. Your main weapons are two blades tied to a chain which you swing around. You also receive Medusa's power and a "Godly" shield and armor that helps you beat stronger, bigger fiends.


    I was really excited about the game because I thought that the concept of Ancient Greece and the Gods of Olympus and fighting Gorgons and mythological beasts, would be very interesting. I was even more excited about how good the graphics are. Everything is very detailed and atmospheric. Unfortunately for some reason I wasn’t as compelled in the story as I have been with other games. I wasn’t a big fan of Kratos it may have been because of the unnecessary bedroom scene in the game. I will however admit that using the control to have sex with both girls was a little tricky. It’s obvious who the intended audience for this game was. However, I did enjoy the weapons Kratos uses. I found them unique and a lot of fun to maneuver.

    I played this game on EASY for the reason that I’m not exactly the best at these types of games. I enjoyed the Hydra that I had to battle early on in the game because there was a bit of puzzle solving aspect to it. Other puzzles in the game are mostly to get you from one place to the other. Like pushing a box so you can jump to higher ground and continue attacking you opponents. The trick however is not letting the enemy hit your box more than three times as you push it. This part is tricky because you have to distract the archers and then go back to pushing the box. This game requires thinking and analyzing to come up with strategies in many parts of the game similar to this part.
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    lpvillan's God of War (PS2)

    Current Status: Stopped playing - Got Bored

    GameLog started on: Friday 8 February, 2008

    GameLog closed on: Tuesday 19 February, 2008

    lpvillan's opinion and rating for this game

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    Rating (out of 5):starstarstarstarstar

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