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    Shmaughn's BioShock (360)

    [February 9, 2008 02:58:54 PM]
    BioShock (part II)
    Gameplay Elements:
    A main keystone for Bioshock's gameplay would have to be the symbiosis of Adam related powers and the use of traditional first person shooter weapons. All the essential are present, including machine guns, shotguns and pistols, but the game also incorporates the genetic altered side of things that grants the plater near magical powers.
    These powers include the control over fire, ice, lightning, insects, and telekinesis. Almost all powers can be upgraded or made more powerful.better suit his or her needs on the field of play.
    The player also has the ability to create new kinds of ammunition to
    One issue I have with this game is the lack of challenge. When the player dies they are respawned at the nearest spawn point at literally no penalty. Sometimes the player might incorporate dying into their strategy rather than wasting their ammunition or powers. Though this lack of penalty may not make one feel as accomplished, it does keep the game moving making for a well paced game.
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    [February 9, 2008 02:41:55 PM]

    The game starts with a plane crash, leaving the player, a mysterious stranger, to search a nearby lighthouse only to find an underwater city called Rapture. The city is apparently in ruin as a result of the after effects of a drug-like substance that grants awesome abilities to the user; this substance is known as Adam. Adam ends up altering the players genetic code as he continues on a mission to help the mysterious guide known as Atlas who wants you to help him find your family.
    Personal Experience:
    The iconic figures of BioShock are the Big Daddies and Little Sisters who roam through the city of Rapture in search of Adam. I saw the connection between the Sisters and Daddies to be an unbreakable bond. She looks to him as a protector and he loves her as if she were his own child. This bond makes it hard for one to kill the Big Daddies, and makes harvesting the Little Sisters (the act of killing them after killing the Big Daddies) impossible.
    Aside from that the atmosphere of BioShock contributed a lot to my personal experience. The whole city of Rapture appears to be modeled after the art deco style, but still it has its own originality in being placed underwater and almost mocks its style by showing disarray and chaos in what should be a pristine atmosphere.
    BioShock is one of the best written games I have ever played. The characters are all convincing, and all have well-defined motives, yet at the same time they are never caught with a clever pun or cheesy one-liner; it is always something genuine and yet quotable. The game uses suspense to its advantage, creating sympathy and curiosity for each character.
    Things are never as they seem in BioShock. The player pieces things together slowly throughout the game only to be thrown off by sharp plot twists.
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    Shmaughn's BioShock (360)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Thursday 7 February, 2008

    Shmaughn's opinion and rating for this game

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