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    leisuresuite's Chrono Trigger (SNES)

    [February 10, 2008 07:28:06 PM]
    Gamelog #1

    In Chrono Trigger, you play as the main character, Crono, as you explore the world of Guardia looking for a way to save the Queen and time. In this RPG, you fight monsters in an "active" style battle. Active fighting refers to the fact that instead of being turn based, your characters each have a time bar and once that bar fills up, you can attack.

    This is a game which has a huge following, which obviously builds expectations and ideas about the game. Every time I mentioned the title, anyone in earshot would chime in their own experiences and thoughts on the game, which were all always very positive. This put me in a very excited and motivated state of mind to play the game.
    At First glance, I immediately thought that this was a Dragonball Z RPG, on a count of the fact that the characters in the game were almost identical looking to some of the characters in the Anime. When I stated my confusion, my friend educated me on the history of the game; how this game had some of the best minds from dragon ball and final fantasy working together. This was a very interesting fact and made me that much more excited to play because I used to be a huge dragonball Z fan and I love the Final Fantasy franchise.
    This game is very fun to get a hold of, the few battles i have been in were pretty exciting. Leveling up seems to be quite easy to do at this point, and i've already learned 3 new attacks between two level 3 characters! The down side to this RPG, as is the case for any RPG, is that it is a very anti-social game. I have been playing with a couple of friends in my room, one who lent me the game and who has completed it, and all I get from them are directions and answers to questions that I didn't even ask. Not to mention spoilers to things that come later in the game. Definitely not a social game.
    In my first hour of gameplay, I did not get very far at all. I'm still very fuzzy on the details of the story line and I have not experienced any intense battles yet, or even a save point for that matter! This is a very smart move on the designers' part because it forces the player to play enough of the game that they really get into it before they turn it off their first time. In this way, people will get hooked on playing their very first time, and almost guarantee that they'll be back for I am about to go prove.
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    leisuresuite's Chrono Trigger (SNES)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Sunday 10 February, 2008

    leisuresuite's opinion and rating for this game

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