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    JennStrummer's Wii Play (Wii)

    [February 17, 2008 05:42:28 PM]
    My second time through was mre enjoyable because I had gotten alot more control over the control, however I still felt like the games I enjoyed the first time, were pretty much the only games I liked the second time as well. At the same time, I really got a chance to see how repetitive, and limited this game was the second time. I really think I would feel differently if I had been playing with someone else, but I don't have anybody other than my 3 year old nephew, and he likes playing dance dance revolution more!
    Definitely my favorite was charge, it was easy to control, and very innovative in regards to the way you control the cow. I thought this was one of the only games that would be just as fun with someone else as it is alone, and really one of the only games I felt like I wanted to keep playing. However, these games are so limited because there aren't very many stages and they are exactly the same everytime you play them. I didn't get a perfect score on this game, but I think it wouldn't be very hard at all to get a perfect score, because they rewarded me with a old medal only after playing the game 3 times.
    Again, games like fishing and shooting range are just so limited that I don't feel like this is a game you could play alone for more than an hour two and not be completely bored with it in no time, I felt pretty bored with this game by the end of my second hour, even with the games I thought were really fun the first time around.
    This game does work with the mechanics with the Wii well, and I think it works in some innovative ways, although I haven't played many other Wii games to compare it to. However, I feel like the novelty of this game gets worn out pretty quickly, as opposed to Wii sports, because it seems like a much more controlled environment. With games like Wii bowling, it is structured, and repetitive, but it still feels different every time you play it, whereas with the shooting range, it's exactly the same everytime, and I didn't really feel like I was getting any rewards for continuing to play it.
    The design of the games had a definite impact on me, my least favorite was the tank game, as I mentioned because the art is boring, on top of being very limited in levels. The space is so limited, and there is nothing visually appealing, if I saw this game on a shelve alone, even if it had more levels, I would not have any incentive to buy it because I base so much of my enjoyment of a game on visual appeal. The charge game has a much more visually appealing level, but as far as I've seen, there is only one level, and once again, it seems like it's really easy to beat it.
    This game is definitely, one that would be aided by social interaction with other people, which is basically what it was designed for, they even urge you in game after you've recieved a certain score to challenge someone else to a game. The challenge on this game seems pretty weak, and so the incentive to keep playing for me is not very high. However, if you are playing with friends (especially drinking), I feel like that opens a whole new level and aspect of entertainment and challenge. I really left this game wanting more from each of the games then I was given, it was fun initially, but I don't feel like the novelty of the game lasts just because it is too simple, and some of the controller mechanics just don't seem to work quite right. If I were to change one thing, I would just add more levels to each game, because the games with discrete levels were the mosty appealing, but they are just too short and easy.
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    [February 16, 2008 10:30:58 PM]
    This game, taking off where Wii Sports left off, again allows your Wii versionized self (i.e. Mii) to play a variety of new games, including real world classics like table tennis, pool, and even air hockey. This game also offers shooting range practice, fishing, finding mii (where you must find certain mii characters from a selection), pose mii (where you must maneuver your mii into a position through movement of the wii controller), charge! (where you ride a bull and move your controller in order to hit targets), and tanks! (where you control a tank and are required to destroy other tanks in your area.
    I was really excited to play this game, my sister just bought it for her Wii, and I had played Wii sports on her console and loved playing it. I tried to get to each and every game in my first hour, so I will go through my experiences with each game consecutively.
    Lazer Hockey: This was the first game I played and it made me sort of angry. The control seemed super sensitive to the actions I was making, which didn't really seem to occur in any of the games in Wii sports, so I was caught off guard, and didn't play this one for very long, part of the appeal for wii sports was that it was really easy, but fun, especially with others, unfortunately I played by myself for the first hour, and suffered for it.
    Billiards: Again, the controls on this one were a little bit strange to get used to, and it seemed to make a game that is relatively simple in real life, alot harder in game. I felt like getting the movements down were hard, and that it didn't register well on screen. The remote is also nothing like a pool stick, so it felt very strange, and not very enjoyable.
    Finding mii: The first game I enjoyed, very simple concept, however I kept clicking the wrong things, and that messed up my score. At any rate, I got a little bit of satisfaction out of this one because i got a decent score, oh the glory!
    Shooting Range: Again, very simple and to the point. It's just like duck hunt, but without that annoying dog!! As with Wii sports, the controls were really simple, all you had to do was point and shoot, but also be mindful not to shoot at certain objects. It progresses through levels, each a little bit harder. I thought this one was okay, maybe it's my gun control loving mentality that kept me from really getting into this one.
    Charge: Really enjoyed this game, the art is so cute, I felt like a real cowgirl (or at least my Mii did). Played this one a couple of times, this one was addicting.
    Pose Mii: This one was kind of fun, kinda felt like it would be more fun drunk, of course what Wii game isn't?
    Table tennis: Yet another one I was discouraged with because of the motion detection, definitely led me to believe that all of the based on real life games aren't nearly as fun as the gameworld games, but I love wii bowling and tennis, so I'm going to say that I might just need to get used to the controls.
    Fishing: I didn't really read the instructions going into this one so I didn't even know what I was doing, but it wasn't working...
    Tanks: Snore. Stuck in a little boring room with little boring objects shooting little boring bullets at eachother. Not fun at all. Also, you have to use 2 remotes for this one, and I wasn't good at it, so I wasn't interested in this one at all.

    All in all, I figure alot of this first hour was probably like my first hour playing wii sports, and I just don't remember. It was all about getting used to the controller, and how it reacts with the screen. I felt like alot of these games would be alot more fun with other people, but others I felt like weren't fun either way, and that perhaps the novelty of wii sports is wearing thin in this game.

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    JennStrummer's Wii Play (Wii)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Saturday 16 February, 2008

    JennStrummer's opinion and rating for this game

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