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    dipolartech's Animal Crossing (GC)

    [October 12, 2006 06:34:11 PM]
    So I pretty got in the meat of the game on this third session, by which i mean i dont have to directly report back to Tom anymore. I quickly got a firm sense of each npc in the game after going around and talking to them some more. And just because i could i planted a bunch of oranges trees to make the world a happy happy joy joy place. I can see how this game was developed to create more widespread interaction with me the player. After i have to "have a conversation" with a talking chirping fence post just to save. Menus are simplistic and any sort of communication or favor done for a npc in the game gets a overly enthused response from them, especially when you write a letter to someone and then talk to them later. Another thing about this about the game that i haven't gotten to yet but is mentioned often by the npc's is the opportunity of other players to see your work in this particular town. As a side note i believe that one of the strongest ways to make money in the long term is to have lots of fruit trees. And of course teach yourself to fish.
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    [October 12, 2006 09:25:28 AM]
    So i played it again today, and apparently i didn't save my first play through so I had to complete the opening sequence again. After i got back to where i stopped i was given teh mission by Tom Nooks to meet all the characters ( or people he calls them) in the town. So I tried to, and missed one house in the middle of nowhere. This particular house belonged to a character that was using the same name that i gave my avatar, Jay, which is of course mildy confusing. Afterwards i delivered some furniture for Tom and recieved a Barbeque grill for my house (wierd seriously no bed but i got fire!). And i stopped atfer doing that. The characters ll have different styles of talking to you and many seem to be quite overbearing in conversation.
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    [October 12, 2006 09:20:44 AM]
    So I started a completely fresh experience today playing Animal Crossing. Oh sure i've heard things from people who ahve played the game and mostly loved everything about it but I've never palyed it before so its new. Starting the new game I met the iconic figure of the quitar playing dog ( i didn't catch his name) and then I moved onto the train segment to set the game clock. While Rover was a bit over enthused about life, the train segment was a interesting interaction with the game as it extracted information using phrases that are genuinely associated with a one or the other gender. After the train segment i met Tom Nooks. Who, in exchange for making me an indentured servent, allowed me to have a house (i've seen dog houses that are bigger) to call my own. Also just outside the house is a very very strange little thing called a gyroid who apparently you can train to greet people and records the things you do throughout the day. I completed the first job for Tom Nooks, which was planting some flowers and tree saplings, and the stopped for the night.
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    dipolartech's Animal Crossing (GC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Wednesday 11 October, 2006

    dipolartech's opinion and rating for this game

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