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    megatronsf's Donkey Kong Country 2 (SNES)

    [February 20, 2008 01:53:09 AM]
    This game is an excellent sequel, and i think that the Donkey Kong legacy has this game to thank for a lot of its success. The wide variety of backgrounds, and consistency of extra levels throughout the large part of the game I played made this session much easier than say Metal Gear Solid 2:(SOL). The mood of the game is just enough to illustrate the game's difficulty, and accented need for reflexive attention which is not only thanks to the broody graphics, but also the orchestral soundtrack. In the first DKC, I always used Diddy because for one reason or another I could always get him to jump higher than DK, and in this one he could again get higher than Dixie which probably subconsciously motivated all the kids who played the first one to buy the second with its focus being Diddy.

    The Maps for level progression were pretty much the same as they were in the first game, usually containing some kind of upward slope, hill or zenith where the boss waits in order for you to be able to pass to the next map.
    As I made my way through the levels, I realized how full immersed one can get inside the "magic circle" of this particular game. Even though it's primarily testing your direct hand-eye coordination, the game's way of addressing that ability is very artsy and fun. It isn't just about getting past the enemies when you think about all of the hidden levels, and the amount of coins that reside in each level. It is always easier to collect coins and of course flawlessly run through levels when you're transformed into a rhinoceros or a swordfish whih is why I liked how sparsely those transformations were placed around this game. Now that I play this game, I find that the skill level required (in terms of eye-had coordination) seems far lower than that of most of today's games which contain not only realistic third person perspective, but also a lot more buttons on the controller. Most of the seven year olds who play games today would have no problem with the reflexivity required to dodge giant bees while hopping from rope to rope over alligators and rolling armadillos. Regardless of this fact, the game remains one of my all time favorites fun wise and even visually and audibly.
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    [February 20, 2008 01:13:47 AM]
    This game is more than just another platform sequel to me because of it's nostalgic quality, but even after so many years the game still has its difficult parts. Diddy was also my favorite in all the previous games so having it be just him and Dixie in Diddy's Kong Quest was fine in my opinion. This game is so capturing for a number of reasons, but the fact that it was a successful follow up to Donkey Kong Country shows how many upgrades had ben made for this game. The amount of underground levels and side missions is doubled in DKC2, but of course not nearly all of them can be found because most of them require unnecessary risk to find. I love games that still manage to test my reflexes despite their lower standard of visual graphics and age. The thing about DKC2 is that it does so with graphics that were unmatched at its time of release, and I believe can still be appreciate as such. The array of villains this time around is comparable to the first DKC, but the storyline and Donkey Kong's capture gives you an incentive to tackle them even more so than the original.

    The graphics for Super Nintendo(ES) are still up to par with the sort of pixelation seen in many hand held game systems nowadays, but I still find them just as entertaining as many photo-realistic shooter games that are out for X-Box 360 or PS3. The levels are very well designed in terms of platform layout, and that is not to mention the background pictures which move much more fluidly than the first DKC, and are a lot cooler in general. There are a lot of subtle design changes from DKC that I noticed when I first played this game, and the players' ability to change into the animals that were usually ridden in the first one was noticeably improved. Also where the first game focused mainly on the idea of industrial filth and mineshaft levels, DKC2 has a lot more levels with pirates, water and boats as opposed to snow and karts. Many things were altered and added for the second game, but there was also a lot that got taken out.
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    megatronsf's Donkey Kong Country 2 (SNES)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Wednesday 20 February, 2008

    megatronsf's opinion and rating for this game

    Easily my favorite childhood game.

    Rating (out of 5):starstarstarstarstar

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