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    muffins's Chrono Trigger (SNES)

    [February 21, 2008 02:33:22 AM]
    Entry #2--


    I really tend to get annoyed with games with that "random guy saves beautiful princess" storyline, but... I may make an exception for this game... because, at least it seems like Marle isn't completely helpless. She seems more a victim of circumstance than of "weak female-ness."(Also I thought her eyes were blue in the beginning? Somehow they magically changed when they went back in time? Or I'm crazy.)

    Anyway, I am getting more and more drawn into the storyline. I like the characters in this game (Frog is so cool...), and it's becoming clear why it is so beloved. It's not a *super* cliche storyline, and it require research to tell if the parts that are cliche were that way when it was actually created, or if other games have just copied a lot from this.

    Also, my love for the battle system only grows with each battle I fight. I can't understand why this battle system didn't get copied to death by other RPGs... Instead they tend to opt for the "you're in a line, enemies are in a line" approach... and... I don't understand why... It isn't until recently that games are really breaking out of that, and... yeah...


    The music for this game is really well done (a lot of it I recognized because it was recycled in Chrono Cross, which perhaps enhanced my experience?). It suits the whole mood quite well, and is rather beautiful.

    I love a lot of the subtleties that went into making this game, such as if you are "dashing" and run into somewhere you cannot move, and your character just stands there shaking his head. I thought that was a really nice touch.

    The graphics really aren't bad, either. Especially for an older game. Everything is clear and well-defined and looks really nice. But older graphics have never really bothered me, as long as you can tell what is going on, so...

    I think the pacing of the game (so far, at least) has been pretty good, too. Nothing so far has been extremely dragged out or too fast; the story seems to be progressing at an even, steady rate. Everything has also been laid out really well so that it is mostly clear as to what you need to do next. Perhaps some would find this too limiting, but I think that they did a superb job of it in Chrono Trigger.

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    [February 20, 2008 08:53:18 PM]
    Chrono Trigger is an RPG in which you play as Crono, the main character. One aspect that sets it apart from other RPGs is the aspect of time travel in the game.


    I've never played Chrono Trigger, just Chrono Cross (which is in itself strange because normally I am pretty picky about playing games in order), so I was excited to play this because Chrono Cross is one of my all-time favorite games :)

    The gameplay is pretty straightforward; the NPCs basically tell you what to do and you do it, but that's how RPGs tend to go :)

    I really like the battle system; it's pretty different from other RPGs. The fact that using skills on enemies changes based upon where the enemies are standing is something that I find really innovative and unique (i.e. that if you target one monster in the middle of a line, you will hit only the first two, but if you target the furthest one, you will hit all three). This is something that really doesn't get used much in games, which is disappointing.

    The plot so far seems pretty standard and somewhat predictable, but it's still fairly early on in the game, so I really don't know.

    The world map is pretty nice, too; it's always nice when games actually tell you where you're going, even if it is a bit "unrealistic." Not that these games are exactly at the height of realism, anyway. I really do love the graphics, too; they're a lot better than I had expected them to be, and give a really nice mood to the game.

    I can already tell that this will be a game that I will enjoy greatly; there are a lot of elements that I can tell were taken from this game to make Chrono Cross, so hopefully I will enjoy Chrono Trigger as much or more.
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    muffins's Chrono Trigger (SNES)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Wednesday 20 February, 2008

    muffins's opinion and rating for this game

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