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    [insert name here]'s Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

    [October 13, 2006 11:37:22 PM]
    So, its the next day in the game.

    I got the reply letters back from my villagers; None seem too happy about their presents. I guess they realize I was being cheap with the gifts. They were cherries after all. Most of the letters sound a bit on the angry side. They think I just wrote them junk letters or something. I know I didn't write gibberish. I thought the whole "I'm sorry, here's some free stuff" technique would work. It didn't this time. Maybe they're still mad about the town being covered in weeds for some months.

    The trees haven't regrown fruit yet so I went on a X-mark search. I only found a pitfall and one fossil. I think it was a dinosaur egg. I don't know, I just sold it with the shells I found on the beach. I'm up to 25,739 bells right now. I spent some of that on the arcade machine at Nookingtons and some flowers. There was a crown at the able sisters place today, but since I am poor, I cannot afford to buy it. So I left with nothing from that store.

    I decided to go hunting for acorns. I found three. I don't know how many there are to find a day, but that does not seem like a lot. It might be like the mushrooms from the first game though. Three acorns is not enough to get anything interesting, but it is a start. I could have sold them for a little money though. I could use the money.

    But something great did happen today. I got the golden slingshot! It took forever to get, as I have pretty bad aim with the normal slingshot. Shooting down those balloons has never been easier with this thing...

    I think I'll try fishing and bug catching for a few days. My catalog for both are really empty, and they are a decent source of cash. But should I sell them or give them to the museum?. Choices...
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    [October 13, 2006 06:10:27 PM]
    So, after clearing the town of weeds, fruit, shells, and X-marks(which took about 4 1/2 hours total), I have 300,000 bells and a happier community. Well, at least a little happier. The animals still won't talk to me very much. I've decide to send them all little gifts to try and make them happy again. I've sent them a couple of cherries each, since those are only worth 100 bells in my town. Hopefully they will send me some fruit back. Or at least I'm aiming to make a town with all the fruits possible. I'm missing peaches and pears.

    I went to the post office to pay off some of my million dollar loan, and found that I had 900,000 bells in a savings account. So with that and the fruit money, I was able to pay off my loan! And have some money left to spare! Too bad there's not really anything to buy at Nook's place right now. I already have the street cone and the stereo there, and I don't care for pink furniture too much. There was an exotic rug, which I bought. My exotic collection isn't near complete, but I now have the wallpaper and rug. That's a start.

    The able sisters didn't have anything really interesting on sale either. What a slow day. The acron festival was happening today, but I only found one acorn. I guess I'll have to start looking for them earlier tomorrow.
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    [October 12, 2006 06:52:55 PM]
    So I've started playing Animal Crossing: Wild World again after a couple of months playing Mario Kart DS.

    What a mess of a town I came back to.

    Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING in covered in weeds. And more weeds. And weeds. Am I the only one who is suppose to care about how the town looks? Those animals could have tried to do a little to help. They're just everywhere. It'll take forever to clear all of these weeds.

    On a positive(and slightly negative)note, the town is also covered with fruit and X-marks. There is even fruit on the ground. I saw a tree with two pieces of fruit next to it. Did I happen to mention that most of this fruit is foreign fruit? So most of it is worth 500 bells each. Which is good. Because I apparently have a 1 million and something loan to pay off still.

    I've noticed that the animals themselves haven't changed that much over a few months. I only see one new face. I expected almost everyone to be gone by now.
    However, I've also noticed that the animals no longer seem to want to talk to me either. Before, I was unable to take a few steps without someone chasing me down to show me a letter. But now I have to start every conversation, and no one really has anything to say yet. I think they'll be more friendly once I clean the town up. Lazy animals.
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    [insert name here]'s Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Wednesday 11 October, 2006

    [insert name here]'s opinion and rating for this game

    I like all of the options I have in the game. It is much more enjoyable than the gamecube version. And harder. And still kinda repetitive at times. But it's still pretty fun.

    Rating (out of 5):starstarstarstar

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