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    galatasaraygirl's Rayman Raving Rabbids (Wii)

    [February 21, 2008 12:43:30 AM]
    Entry #2


    My second experience playing this game was much like the first: I got bored of the game very quickly and found that it became tiresome after a while. The game seemed very repetitive, and although games like racing games are repetitive, this one got old very quickly. Maybe I would have liked this game if I had experienced it before as a little kid, but not now.
    Although there are different aspects of the game, the outline of the game is very unorganized, which could be the reason why this game was not appealing to me. Even though the innovative usage of the Wii-mote was fun, the entire game as a whole proves more than what meets the eye-my point is that I only played for two hours, but if I had a chance to explore the game more, I think I would end up liking it. There are many different games available to play, and I probably got stuck playing the same type of shooting aspect of it.

    The design of this game is very simplistic-there is no real path that you have to take in order to achieve the goal, which gives this game a very high interest level, as there are many levels that you can play. The graphics on this game were very simple and childlike, which leads to my point that this game is probably made for a much younger audience than myself. The tone of the gameworld is very desolate, except for the numerous rabbids running everywhere trying to shoot at you.

    One thing that I liked about this game was that I had no control over the movement of Rayman. He just moved by himself and I had to control where to shoot the plungers. This is what made the game a little too easy, but it was different than say, Halo, where you control everything with your controller, thus increasing the difficulty on the game.

    During my play of the game, my friends would watch as I played for maybe 20-30 minutes, but then they quickly became bored of watching me shoot plungers at rabbids, and thus decreasing the appeal of the game to them. I think that if I played this game in the multiplayer mode, it would become more fun, but that option was not available at the time.
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    [February 21, 2008 12:16:54 AM]
    Entry #1

    Rayman Raving Rabbids is a 1-4 player first-person shooter game for the Nintendo Wii console. The main of this game is to shoot the “rabbids” with plungers as they attack you with returning plungers and nun chucks. The game consists of 70 mini-games, which consists from shooting to twirling a cow over your head to see how far you are able to throw it. The main goal of this game is to complete three games and try to accumulate points in order to climb the ladder out of his cell and gain his freedom. The rabbids basically make Rayman complete all these tasks purely for their own entertainment.

    The first time I played Rayman Raving Rabbids, I was expecting a more realistic type of game, but I soon found out that it was very cartoon-like, which is not a bad thing. You start out by making a character, and dressing up Rayman with various accessories. You then get to pick a level to play, and so you begin by shooting the rabbids with plungers. I found this aspect of the game very repetitive throughout the many levels, so the beginning levels were sort of boring. But then as you progress through the game, more and more rabbids start to attack you and you have to pay more attention to the game.

    My emotional state during the beginning of the game was bored, and I wished that the game would get more interesting. But as I progressed into the later stages, I started to understand the story more. I had started playing this game out of boredom one day and didn’t expect much of it, but it exceeded my initial expectations.
    At first, the usage of the Wii-mote seemed similar to most games where the type of controller didn’t matter, but after playing that game for awhile, the innovative usage of the Wii-mote became more apparent. There are mini games that consist of dancing and flying, so a lot of attention is focused on the Wii-mote than I previously thought, which adds to the replay value of the game.
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    galatasaraygirl's Rayman Raving Rabbids (Wii)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Wednesday 16 January, 2008

    galatasaraygirl's opinion and rating for this game

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