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    arball's Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (PC)

    [October 13, 2006 04:27:21 PM]
    At this point I spent majority of my time driving aroudn and accomplishing the missions rather than simply walking about and beating up people for money. All of the missions are pretty straightforward in that they require Mr. Cipriani to take someone from point a to point b, or retreive someone to the boss to be "hit" if you will. So really there is not much interaction between people there, aside from the dramatic cut scenes which a lot of time is put into.

    However before and after each chaueffer job, I tried to walk about and talk with the different people. I walked into a clothing store which was funny in that I walked in with no money and he knew that and said something like "You'll still be wearing those rags get back out" but then realized that walking right back in, there's not a lot of variation in what the shop owners or people can say, because wakling out and right back in there wasnt a new random phrase, it was the same trite expression he had just told me. Although, I wouldnt expect a lot of development there, because afterall - thats not exactly what the game is about.
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    [October 13, 2006 10:28:41 AM]
    In actuality majority of the fun (for me at least) in GTA series has to be the killing and the hookers and the vehicles. Since I spent about an hour or so just walking around/driving around the city, I thought I may go ahead and begin one of the missions as Mr. Viscetti.

    Having no money and really wanting a weapon, more than my fists, I sought out to obtain some cash to get a weapon. Now in my GTA experiences, there are two ways to do that - complete a mission or beat up people on the streets to take their money. Well, it was night time and several hookers were about along with their pimps so I got to the closest car and began running people over. Upon doing so and stepping out of my car to collect, the cops showed up which was no good. Now one thing about the cops is they fight back. Well, with no gun and only my fists, I noticed they too only brought out their knight sticks. In GTA I imagine the same was true, but I sure know when I took out my shotgun on the cops, they didnt hold back, their guns were drawn too. So in Vice City I guess we'll see.

    In getting money, another thing was noticing that the people really do strafe from any sort of need to get into violence. Running into someone with the intent to start a fight is all good and well, but their feelings are hardly reciprocated - unless they too are a 'thug' have you. One of the other things I found out was joggers lets say, who probably would be out for a run with their walkman, with their wallet, don't actually have any money on them when you pound them with your fists and kick them til there's blood on your shoes. Just an obeservation.

    Slowly finding out that the hookers and pimps didnt have nearly as much cash on them or that I would have thought they ought to carry due to their high hourly rates, I proceeded to complete a mission. Travelling over to the L on the map, I got to meet my boss's daughter on a boat by the pier. Thus, another cutscene. She began checking me out head to toe, and apparently Tony Cipirotti was doing the same. Now I was introduced to many of the high rollers in Miami and began learning their back-story.
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    [October 13, 2006 03:11:47 AM]
    So as someone who hasn't played this game ever (Vice City) but has played GTA III on Xbox, I obtained Vice City to give it a try on PC.

    After installing, starting a new game I got a good glimpse at one of the many cinematic cut scenes that start the character development. Immediately we (the character) are perceived as one of the new mob/hitmen in Vice city and feel the need to 'stake a name'. After the cut scene was over I was immediately told to go begin missions and begin interacting with the cars, other people.

    It was a new thing for me to try and maneuver Tommy Vercetti in and around without joysticks but rather the arrow keys and mouse, seeing as how this game I really thing should only be played on console, but in any case it still seemed to play similarly. Rather htan jumping right in to go visit the boss Sonny for a mission, I decided I'd go check out what's new around the city and see the sights, get to know the area better on the map as well as the new cars of course! Maybe later I'll go for a hooker run and up my police rating...
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    arball's Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (PC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Thursday 12 October, 2006

    arball's opinion and rating for this game

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