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    mesofunny's Rayman Raving Rabbids (Wii)

    [February 21, 2008 01:57:16 AM]
    The wii-mote in a variety of ways in these games. Many of the games are first person shooters with a plunger gun that is far too easy. Another game had me swing the wii-mote and release to send a cow on a chain flying. Some games weren’t actually fun, they just showed off an aspect of the wii-mote, like a game were all I did was shake the wii-mote up and down. It wasn’t fun, it just hurt at the end. Imagine my horror when not long after there was another game with this simple, tedious gameplay.
    Within the few hours I played Raving Rabbids I think I got most of what I can out of it, other than trying to get the high score on all the games. This game is best the first time around, but many of the games are not worth playing more than a couple times. There are some good ones that have a high replay value, like one where I drew the shapes of food as close as possible to the outline on the screen. The point is this game is short but sweet.

    I think the developers made this game with a certain kind of player in mind. They wanted to appeal to a wider audience so they made the games easy to understand, fast, and real attention grabbers. They tried to make it so the player didn’t have to commit any time in learning the controls or starting a new game, which was good for more casual gamers who might only want a short game session. Unfortunately, what this game gained with this design, it lost in depth and replay ability. Once I got past the bells and whistles, I found that many games were overly simple. Gameplay was not the focus on many of this minigames, which shows that the target audience was not skilled, experienced gamers, but people new to games and young kids.
    The reward system in the single player mode was also aimed at keeping people who aren’t normally as interested in games playing for at least a couple hours. Every couple of games I would unlock new costumes for Rayman to wear, which is nice and good for a laugh, but doesn’t really affect the gameplay at all. Every five games or so I would win a plunger that Rayman stuck to the wall to make the next step in a latter to an open window in his prison cell. This instantly showed me the main goal of the game and how far I was to reaching it. But I don’t get why Rayman didn’t just stand on one plunger, take one below that and put it above, get on that one, and repeat the process until he reached the window. He could have escaped with just two plungers! Oh well, I guess Rayman isn’t that smart
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    [February 21, 2008 01:56:05 AM]
    Raving Rabbids is a party game, much like Mario Party, and consists of a couple dozen minigames. This one is different though; The games are played with the wii-mote, some better than others. The main character is Rayman, and in the story mode he is captured by a strange society of rabbits who make him participate in the minigames for their amusement. Rayman must win all the minigames to escape his prison.

    The game starts quickly and got me playing within minutes. I was always curious what the next minigame would be, and they were always a surprise. Most of the minigames are very bizarre, and very funny. Almost half the fun of the minigames was just seeing the start and end of the games, because they were so interesting and unique.
    In one game, I poked the exposed brain of a rabbit to make him do one of four things. The goal was to remember what part of the brain did what and to poke it in the right order. The game was simple and challenging, and the results were hilarious! The rabbit would be screaming, or bashing himself in the head with a club, or his eyes would pop out. When the game’s time limit was close to running out, it got frantic and the rabbit was spasming like he was having a seizure. It was so wrong and funny at the same time. That game took me a few tries to beat because I just began hitting the different parts of the brain as fast as I could, laughing my pants off.
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    mesofunny's Rayman Raving Rabbids (Wii)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Wednesday 20 February, 2008

    mesofunny's opinion and rating for this game

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