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    apschwar's Final Fantasy VII (PS)

    [March 4, 2008 05:48:31 PM]

    Moving around the game-world is better in ff7 than in nearly any game I’ve ever played…and that includes new ones on more advanced systems. FF7 takes place in a large world with three main continents and many islands. Landscapes include grassy plains, deserts, mountains, rivers, oceans, swamps, and snow covered tundra. At first, you can only travel on the plains, but as the game progresses you are given different modes of transportation in order to traverse the landscape. These include an airship, a shallow water boat, a buggy, and a submarine. Also available to players are animals called Chocobos (giant chickens than you can ride on). Chocobos can be bred to have different characteristics, such as the ability to walk over mountains, rivers, or even oceans).
    Before you go to fight the final boss at the end of the game, ff7 opens the entire world for you. All of the transportation is available, and the world still has much exploring to offer. There are so many side-quests to be completed at this point, you could spend days finishing up. Some of the more fun (and profitable) ones include raising Chocobos, fighting in the Battle Arena (a minigame that has you fight through 8 rounds of enemies, randomly hampering you in some way after each fight), exploring a sunken plane, and fighting giant monsters called ‘weapons’.

    The difficulty of ff7 depends on how long you are planning on spending on the game. The more you train with enemies and level up in each area, and the more you explore and find all of the items/materia the easier the game will be. The most recent time I played, I made sure to level up completely in each area, and my characters were extremely powerful at each stage of the game, making usually difficult boss fights a breeze. For me, that was a fun way to play, but if you want a different challenge, you can try playing the game (and can do this for most of the story) with only the main character, Cloud, in your party, or without spending extra time in areas to level up.
    The magic system, materia, is one of the most interesting design aspects of ff7. The system gives players a lot of control over their own abilities, instead of just having the basic fire, ice, lightning magic. You can attach a counter command with a 4x cut, and counter attack enemies with four physical attacks. Couple that with a lightning-elemental, and you can counter with four lightning based physical attacks. The possibilities are nearly endless, and figuring out all of the ins and outs of the system was a major part of my good experience with the game. I’ve played through three times now, and I’m still figuring out new combinations to help me on the journey.
    The reward structure of ff7 is another fun design aspect. Killing enemies gives you four things: EXP, AP, items, and Gil. EXP is a character’s experience gained from battle. This goes toward their ability to level up. AP is used to level up the materia currently being used by the characters. While Gil is the money system of ff7. Some enemies will give more EXP or more AP, and seeing which enemies are good to kill for what can be an important part of making strong characters.

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    [March 4, 2008 05:48:04 PM]

    Final Fantasy 7 is a turn based Japanese-style RPG, and one of my favorite games of all time. You play as Cloud Strife (and a few others) on a quest to save the planet from the evil Sephiroth. Through the use of an innovative magic system (called materia) and weapons ranging from swords to gun-arms you level up your party and fight a huge array of enemies.


    The first thing that comes to mind is FF7’s unique battle system. It’s extremely deep for the original Playstation and allows an almost infinite amount of possibilities. The setup is this: in order to use magic, you must find orbs of life-energy called materia. These materia are used to cast spells, summons, use commands, or augment other magic, depending on the type of materia. In order to use these materia, weapons will have a specified number of slots, connected or independent, which can be filled with materia. With connected slots, you can put two materia together for a variety of effects, including a double cast, or an added cut.
    As far as graphics go, some of the cut scenes are still beautiful to watch, and the in game graphics get the job done, but they are still outdated. Speaking of the cut scenes- sometimes these can get a little long in ff7. The designers saw that, and made some of the longer ones slightly interactive. You have to move around and talk to people and such. They can be a bit long, but ff7’s deep story is hard to tell without them, so, in the end they seem a necessary part of the game.

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    apschwar's Final Fantasy VII (PS)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Tuesday 22 February, 2000

    apschwar's opinion and rating for this game

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