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    Lamada's James Bond Goldeneye 007 (N64)

    [February 26, 2008 04:30:16 PM]
    Gameplay: During this 45 minute session, my buddies and I indulged ourself in deathmatch. When Goldeneye came out, this was the most entertaining thing to do after school. With four players to a N64, the screen would break into four different partitions, with each player allowed a view as if he had his own little screen. This sometimes made things hectic in the middle of a firefight, but what it definitely does is make for intense, often hilarious gaming sessions. With all four players battling each other in the room, the opportunity for trashtalk is one that many cannot resist.
    Weapons in the game are pretty cool, I will admit. You can wield various rifles, and all recoil and bullets spread semi-realistically. Pretty awesome if you ask me. There is a laser gun, but other then that everything is pretty 1995 weapons status. The AR-15 really blows people up: a bullet hose in M16 form. Everyone in our deathmatch games figured that out pretty quick.

    Design: I have already touched on the new gaming elements that Goldeneye brought to the table when it came out that are now pretty standard, but I can't emphasis how much the idea of a contextual place for the headshot that differs the damage dealt impacts first person shooters. In todays games, if you can't headshot you are at a disadvantage against other players, because they will headshot you! It created a higher learning curve for first person shooters, as now a player needs to practice a bit before he become good.
    This new introduction also created a new reward system for gamers: be good at killing other gamers. With the headshot, a player could prove his dominance. With split-screen multiplayer, he could prove it to his friends. Multiplayer was a mode usually reserved for longer scope games, not FPS's, but deathmatch for the N64 game a new way to do it which is usually much more fun. THere's something special about fragging a buddy and hearing his complain right next to you that Goldeneye really touched on, and thats thanks to the revolutionary design.
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    [February 26, 2008 04:13:24 PM]
    Summary: Goldeneye is a one of the bets games on N64, and for good reason. You're James Bond! As James Bond, you run around saving the world, following the storyline of the James Bond moves of the same name, GoldenEye. The evil Russians can be combated with various assault rifles, fully scopable sniper rifles, pistols, SMG's, you name it. You must complete mission objectives to eventually save the world from a laser beam from space.

    Gameplay: Goldeneye is an old favorite of mine, and bring about nostalgic memories from playing this way back in elementary and middle school. For the longest time, Goldeneye was THE premier game on console, and for good reason. Many new idea's and developments came from this game, including sniper rifles that scope in, steady frame rates in large group combat encounters, objective, rather then kill based missions, and best of all, headshots. If you haven't sat at the first level with the secret Moonraker beam rifles, and shot the guards running at you through the door for three hours just to see how many helmets you could shoot of their heads and subsequently leave on the ground (the bodies disappeared, the helmets didn't) then you really haven't experienced this game.
    As a single player game, it is extremely fun. The levels are lengthly and well balanced, and the story follows a movie, with most of the important points left in. Bond truly does fly around and exercise his license to kill when a skilled gamer has his controls. The AI is decent, but I think I'm a little jaded with the new super AI's we fight against in todays game, but the sheer amount of enemies to be killed makes it worth it.
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    Lamada's James Bond Goldeneye 007 (N64)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Wednesday 20 February, 2008

    Lamada's opinion and rating for this game

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