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    victory87's Enter the Matrix (PS2)

    [March 5, 2008 06:57:01 PM]
    Entry #2


    During my second session of gameplay, I played as the other character, Ghost. In the game, Ghost plays a different role in the game. He is the shooter or he handles the weapons when both he and Niobe are working together in the game while Niobe is the one who drives the car or the ship. Like Niobe, Ghost also has some cool martial arts skills and he is also skilled with weapons. I like the fact that both characters in the game are able to move in slow motion by using their “focus.” While using the “focus,” Ghost can move in slow motion and he can dodge bullets easily. While using the “focus,” you are able to see the bullets fly passed you as you dodge them in slow motion. While using the “focus,” you also get a little bit stronger and you are able to defy gravity.

    I really like using the “focus.” I think it is very cool and I haven’t seen it in other video games that I have played. Being able to use the “focus” makes me feel like I am able to do the gravity defying stunts that are seen in the movie, The Matrix. In my opinion, one of the aspects of this game that makes it very interesting and very fun and exciting to play is that it really feels like I am in an action movie where I am the main character. In this game, you fight the bad guys or you run away from the bad guys and that is what makes the game very thrilling and suspenseful. I really like suspense and that is one of the reasons why I like to play this game.


    In my opinion, I think the design for this game is great. The developers of the game really captured the world of The Matrix movies. The design of the video game characters really looks like their real-life counterparts. The video game character, Niobe, really resembles the actress, Jada Pinkett-Smith, who plays the character in The Matrix movies. The design of the gameworld is somewhat realistic. The design of the gameworld definitely does not have a cartoonish quality to it like some of the games I have previously played. It is certainly not whimsical. The design really has a real-life feel to it. For instance, the buildings are modeled from buildings that you would see in metropolitan cities. One thing I also like about this game are the cut scenes.

    The cut scenes are actually extended scenes from The Matrix movies. The cut scenes really setup the narrative of the video game. The cut scenes also function to give fans of the movies a little more insight to the world of The Matrix and a little bit more of understanding what is going on in the movies as well as the video game itself. This game really has some innovative elements that I haven’t seen in other video games I’ve played. I really like the concept of the “focus” in which the video game characters can move in slow motion to help them get a little bit stronger and also help them to dodge bullets. I haven’t seen this feature in other video games. This feature really makes the game fun and thrilling to play. This feature is also one of the interesting things about the whole video game. It really makes the game unique and innovative.

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    [March 5, 2008 12:36:27 AM]
    Entry #1


    Enter the Matrix is a 1 player action role playing video game in which you can either choose to play as two different characters, Niobe or Ghost. The characters and the video game are based on the movie, The Matrix. There are two main objectives in this game. Niobe and Ghost each have their own objectives to complete. The main objective of both characters is to help save Zion, the humans’ last living city that is located underground, from annihilation by the Sentinels, a group of machines that are trying to annihilate the human race.


    This game is unlike any other video game I’ve played. First of all, I really like The Matrix movies and to have a video game that is based on it was a great idea. This video game gives the player a chance to “enter the matrix.” It gives the player the chance to feel like they are in the movie. When I play the game, I really feel like I’m in the movie. When I play the game, I really feel like I’m in an action movie. The video game allows the player to enter the world of The Matrix. The video game also allows the player to do things similar to what the characters do in the movie such as “the bullet time” effect where the player can move in slow motion and dodge bullets. The video game characters also know martial arts similar to the characters in the movie.

    In the game, you can use cool martial arts moves on your enemies. I really like the fact that you can choose to play as two different characters. Each of the characters, Niobe and Ghost, have different roles in the game. For instance, when both characters are working together in the game, Niobe is usually the driver and Ghost is the shooter. This game is also very interesting and very fun to play. The game is also very exciting. During my first session of gameplay, I played the game as Niobe. Niobe is a strong female character who can kick some butt with her martial arts skills and she also has great driving skills. Other than using martial arts to dispose of enemies, you also can use various weapons that you can use against your enemies like guns and grenades. For my next session of gameplay, I plan to play as Ghost.

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    victory87's Enter the Matrix (PS2)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Sunday 2 March, 2008

    victory87's opinion and rating for this game

    Great game!

    Rating (out of 5):starstarstarstarstar

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