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    lpvillan's Guitar Hero III (PS3)

    [March 6, 2008 02:32:30 AM]
    SESSION 2:

    This second session I exclusively played only in Career Mode and was determined to get through the game. I found that after coming back to the game playing Slash was actually a lot easier than I thought. The game also became slightly easier and now I seem to be passing more songs that I couldn’t get through before. I however have not graduated into Medium setting. I’m only just starting to become comfortable on Easy
    I actually found the end battle against the Devil and the concept of playing for my soul as really interesting and very entertaining. I wasn’t a big fan of this new “cover” version of “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” (I actually really love the original song) but I thought that the song was very fitting and a very nice surprise as well.

    One thing I really enjoyed was seeing my avatar’s hands fire up when I managed to hit a lot of notes in a row. I also found that choosing your own avatar in Career Mode was a very nice feature in the game and I wish that this feature was also part of the Quickplay Mode.

    Being a game of emersion, the rules of this game are fairly simple to learn but it does take a while before you get used to the game and develop your skill. I hope to eventually get to the point wee I will be able to reach the orange and blue buttons sometime in the future.


    I actually find this game a nice alternative to DDR (which is impossible for me to do). Partly I find this true because of the guitar controller. Its very comfortable and helps involve you more into the game. It’s not the same playing GH with the regular PS2 controller and loses some of its appeal. I’d say the controller is a big part of the gamer’s experience.

    I particularly enjoyed the small narrative within the Career Mode. I liked that the challenges forced you to play songs that weren’t songs you were necessarily comfortable playing with. The reward system (money) was also a nice touch to add to the magic circle the game created in which the player becomes an actual rock star. It seems that every element in the game was really pushing to create the illusion of rock star lifestyle (the cheering crowd, the “breaking” news stories, signing contracts, touring to Japan, money rewards etc.)

    My favorite feature in GH was the ability to customize my avatar’s clothing and even change her guitar and buy songs. My favorite is “Radio Song” by Superbus, which is a song I have never heard before and the band is very new to me. I also liked how the songs are characterized by time period or genre.

    The conflicts were also very enjoyable. The Boss battles were a nice touch and playing an encore with Slash was also a lot of fun. The final boss was the best part of the whole game. The song and playing against the Devil was a very nice way to end the game.
    Its also nice that the game has different levels (Easy, Medium, Hard) and it does take a while before you can actually get really good and play Hard flawlessly. This gives the game a large replay value. This as well as the point system and the star power also contribute largely to the appeal of GH because you can always play to better your score and master the best way to use star power.
    Also GH has a very large fan following. People are constantly comparing scores and having battles. The game is very sociable in this way. Its also entertaining to play with bystanders because they make good real-live spectators and there is definitely cheering and booing involvement from them.
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    [March 5, 2008 01:58:36 AM]

    Guitar Hero III doesn't have much of narrative outside of Career Mode. The objective of the game is to play different songs and to pass them (without getting booed and to get the highest score you can). You play by pressing 5 colored buttons on the tab of the guitar controller as you see the notes scroll down the screen. There is also a battle mode in which you can play against a second player or in Co-op you can also form a band (like in Career Mode)with a second player. In career mode the levels are set up in a way that you must beat 3 out of 4 songs, pass the encore and the 2 boss battles, beating levels you advance in your career like signing under a label, playing in different venues, and final playing in Tokyo. Unfortunately you end signing your life away to your label company. In the final level you are actually playing to win back your soul and the third boss is the the Devil.


    Being only the third time playing GH III (and having never played any of the preceeding GH titles). I remember being really frustrated playing n EASY because I could only get through "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" and I always got booed in Quickplay. I did alot better this time (after having not played GH since Winter Break). I actually found the game very entertaining and I was actually enjoying myself. Eventually I became alot more comfortable and was getting 4 star rating on my favorite songs on Quickplay so I decided to play Career Mode. This forced me to play some of the other songs that I wasn't so comfortable playing (because I had not played them because they had not interested me). I found myself welcoming the challenge though somewhat reluctantly. In the end I felt very accomplished getting past any song not just the ones I preferred to play.

    What took me a while to get used to was the boss battles. Not only did you have to out play them, the game awarded you tools to hinder your opponent's playing. One example is forcing them to play a lot of double notes, or reversing the color order on the screen so it was confusing to play the notes. I found this frustrating because when the boss would "attack me" it would take me a long time to compose myself and I ended up losing my rhythm. Also, because so much stuff was going I found it hard to decide when to "attack" my opponent so the I could cause the most damage to his playing. Sometimes I would attack but it was wasted because he had no notes to play anyways. Eventually, I got the hang of it and I did get passed the first Boss. However, once I got to Slash I gave up and stopped my session here.

    I really liked that in Career Mode you chose your avatar and with the money you won you could customize their clothing and even buy songs. I also found the game most enjoyable when I'd play songs I really liked because I would play just to listen to them. Also, because you begin to associate the different note patterns with the advancement of the song, you begin to memorize part of the notes as well so after a while I found myself listening a lot closer to the music. I found that very cool and added to my personal involvement with the game and effected my gameplay in a positive way.
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    lpvillan's Guitar Hero III (PS3)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Wednesday 5 March, 2008

    lpvillan's opinion and rating for this game

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    Rating (out of 5):starstarstarstarstar

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