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    dj bleezy's NBA courtside (N64)

    [March 5, 2008 07:06:36 PM]
    Game play
    The second time was clearer because I had already played. I picked a better team and could use the controls. This time was more competitive between the people playing knew how to play. With more practice I can see that I am already getting better. At one point I didn’t realize which player I was controlling and I ran him into the post of the basket. The character fell over just like he would have if he had hit the pole in real life. It was really funny but interesting that they could make him react like that.

    Game design
    This is a good game design because you can have many different matches with different players and different teams. The controls are complicated at first but allow you to have control of a whole team of characters. This game causes competition and lots of back and fourth leads. The open competition of different teams leave room for lots of playtime. The were not very clear at the beginning which controls you would need but you ca figure them out once your playing. I think the idea of NBA courtside is cool because you can pick your favorite well-known players but on other basketball games you don’t have to use a designated team you can select your own players to make a team. This leaves room for more choice.
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    [March 5, 2008 07:06:07 PM]
    You play as an NBA team against another team in basketball. You have to pass and shoot on offense and you must swat and block on defense. Scoring the most baskets just like normal basketball is your goal.

    Game play
    At first neither of us knew how to play or the controls. It was very hectic. Once we got the controls down the game got competitive right away. Before we started we didn’t realize how important picking your team is important in which players you have. Each player is better at different things so your team selection is crucial. Sometimes I would accidentally shoot from the opposite side of the court without meaning to. The control that took me the longest to realize was when I was on defense I didn’t know how to change which player was defending. Once I understood this it made it easier to stop them from scoring every single time. In the end I figured out which payer of mine was good at three pointers and used him to win.
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    dj bleezy's NBA courtside (N64)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Wednesday 5 March, 2008

    dj bleezy's opinion and rating for this game

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