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    psettle's Mass Effect (360)

    [March 5, 2008 08:18:18 PM]

    Just got past the second part where I now become a spector for the Galactic Council. This means that now I get to kick some ass and take name later. This was a wonderful addition to the classes because this helps me train and become better with the pistol and the shotgun. I love using the shotgun whenever I enter a warehouse or underground cave because I am like a surgeon carving my way through the tunnels, slicing away at enemies with my boom-stick. The pistol is still a good weapon to use for long distance stuff, and if you activate marksman, you can tear through 3 guys, all with head shots, in just one boost of the marksman.

    One thing that makes this game so much fun to play is the unique enemies you encounter along with the exotic places you travel. Already I have seen a paradise world and another which was like a Citadel that was used for the Galactic Council. I have heard that you get to travel to other worlds and use like a tank to survey the planets for minerals, gases, and other collectible items. I have only been to one galaxy, but then this galaxy has like 2 or more systems, then from there each system may have from anywhere to 4 to 7 planets in each system. Now I have already seen like 7 galaxies, and I know that as the story progresses, you get to come across like 9 more galaxies. I cannot wait to do some more exploring on these foreign planets and uncover some more of the mystery.


    It must have taken a team of like 150 people to come up with the artwork, level design, narrative, and game play because there is such remarkable work involved with this game that needs recognition. First off, the story for Mass Effect is unlike anything I have ever come across because it involves a storyline that is compelling and somewhat believable. Also, the story includes detailed accounts of an additional 20 alien races, all with their own back story and unique factual information. I find this to be quite amazing because hardly do you come across a game with such a detail narrative that directly helps to make the game play and progression of the game that much more interesting.

    Since Bioware was the company the did Knights of The Old Republic, 1 and Sith Lords, and Mass Effect, it wasn't too shocking to see the decision tree stuff from KOTOR inside of Mass Effect. It was nice however, that they made his talk this time and you only had to choose key phrases, like Maybe and Hell no, and the character avatar of John Sheppard would speak like a couple of lines of dialog. This never happened in KOTOR, but it still was a good game with or without it. I liked how Bioware kept the same stuff, like different aliens for your team, along with the different classes and sub weapons that made for a truly customizable, but not full control game, like we are constantly searching for as hardcore gamers.
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    [March 5, 2008 08:01:31 PM]

    In Mass Effect, you take control of Commander John Sheppard
    as he discovers the truth behind a rogue spector and the revival
    of a ancient deadly race. You will encounter many situations that
    require a unique response that ultimately change your fate in the


    Mass Effect is unlike any game that I have ever played before because
    it combines some unique aspects of both a over the shoulder third person
    shooter within the setting of a role playing game. This allows you to have
    the ability to customize your equipment from the bullets you shoot to the
    scope or barrel you choose to put on the gun. This allows you to shoot
    enemies from either a close range with a shotgun, to long range with the
    assault rifle. This makes for unique game play from a fps but you can
    customize weapons like a rpg. You can also attack enemies with certain tech
    abilities like disable and sabotage, or biotic abilities like lift and warp. You have to choose from either one class or possibly a hybrid of the two and you must stick with this for the entire game. I decide for my first run through to choose a hybrid class known as the Vanguard, who are both soldier and biotic. This allowed me to get the best of two

    I was able to use weapons like pistols and shotguns, and also biotic abilities like warp, lift and revive. I would have liked to have tech and solider, but the idea of "science magic" was too tempting to give up on my first try of the game. I have to say that this class seemed to be somewhat difficult to control but once you get the hang of the two classes combined, you become somewhat of a killing machine as you take out squads of enemies with only your shotgun. I would recommend on your first run, choose the vanguard class because you can unlock 75% of the achievements on the Xbox 360. For someone who is a completionist this makes the job much simpler if you had chose another class like either soldier or technician. With just playing one time, I am already hooked on this game play and plan on not coming to class to finish up the first mission.
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    psettle's Mass Effect (360)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Wednesday 5 March, 2008

    psettle's opinion and rating for this game

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