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    Albert's Jet Set Radio Future (XBX)

    [March 5, 2008 11:05:48 PM]
    Gamelog 2


    One thing I notice is that this game has very good collision detection. What I mean by that is that whenever the main character is near certain objects, they react to it. For example, when the main character goes by a flock of birds, the birds fly away, when the main character is near a vehicle, the vehicle slows down to a stop, when the main character is increasing in speed the faster the people move away. Also, the main character interacts with the game world very well. For example, when the main character goes climbs up stairs, he turns off the smooth rollerblading mode into choppy steps, going downstairs it is still smooth just choppy on the up and down movement. My favorite collision is when the main character goes into a stack of boxes, then the physics aspect takes over where the boxes would go in motion with the main character as well as fall down with gravity.

    The gameworld in the game is very big too!! Once I figured out how to get out of the garage, I got into the big world of Tokyo. The architecture is very fun to look at and the vehicles look like buses and cars that you see in cities. I enjoyed how there are many city aspects to the game. One of my favorite parts of the game world is where there was this one slanted floor that the main character had to pass by and there was a flock of birds. It was so fun just going through the flock of birds; it felt like I was at the beach running through a flock of sea gulls.

    I know I said earlier in my game log that the graffiti was very repetitive, but actually the later a player gets into the game, the more unique the graffiti gets. It depends on the amount of space a player can graffiti on. A player cannot freely graffiti anyway, then it will defeat the purpose of a challenge in the game. A player can only graffiti on areas where there are these floating circle things are on. Anyways, the graffiti’s looked cool when I sprayed areas where there are a lot of circle things because the graffiti is bigger and cooler to look at.

    I thought the first objective of the game was pretty dumb because I had to follow this one guy. I think it was a based on my control skills because the guy I followed went through VERY EASY obstacles and stopped at certain areas, then I had to do the same obstacles and talk to him. I believe there wasn’t much thought put out in the game, but it just fitted with the story of the game.


    Like what I mention earlier, Sega tried to create a game that attracts people. They wanted people to have the desire to by the game. To do that, they had to make the game look very cool. The artwork of the graffiti looks as if someone colored it in the game (since most graffiti is cartoon like anyways). Talking about cartoons, the cartoon aspect fitted the game perfectly. They pulled off the cartoon perfectly because not only did it had vibrant colors, but there was also shading. Shading is used usually in many 3D games with 3D shapes, but this game had 3D cartoons. The level design in the game is probably what will tell people that they will use the power of the Xbox to the fullest because they used a large space with very beautiful colors. The graphics overall, is one of the reasons people should take a look at this game.

    The music in this game is very catchy because they used a lot of beats in it. There is many techno, drum and bass music in here. They used this to tell its customers that they have great music and that great music makes a great game. The title does say “Radio” and they used a lot of sound effects that radio stations use, such as all of the technologic and computer sounds. The sound of technology and techno music represents futuristic sounds and that is what Sega was looking for.
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    [March 5, 2008 08:33:02 PM]
    Gamelog 1

    Jet Set Radio Future is a sequel of Jet Set Radio that was originally on the Dreamcast published by Sega. You are the main character that joins the GG’s, a rollerblading graffiti gang who covers the walls of Future Japan with graffiti and fight against Reccacuk police and rival gangs. The 3D cartoon graphics, catchy music, fun characters, makes this game one for the teenagers.

    I have never played this game before but always saw it as the free game that came with the Xbox. I love how the title screen had crazy catchy music, it drawn me into the magic circle instantly. For being such an old game, the graphics were astonishing. Another aspect that drawn me into the game is how artsy the game was. It was a cartoon game that had great FPS, and it had the graffiti aspect to it. I always loved doing graffiti (not on walls but on paper), and this game showed how it could become fun and bad.

    When the game actually started there was a little tutorial on all of the controls, such as jump, grind, tricks, and graffiti button. This game does not have much interactivity and a player has very limited options on the gameplay. It is somewhat like many two dimensional Mario games where a player can do very little commands. The only way this game could have a more of an interactive gameplay is to get power ups later which gives your main character more stunts, or different graffiti. And what’s up with the graffiti, there is only one type of graffiti that I see that I am doing. It would not hurt to put a verity of graffiti because the game is going to be very repetitive and boring with one type of art work. The moves are very limited too. The player cannot even go up a half pipe and do tricks. If there are rollerblades in a game, the player has to at least do multiple tricks.

    There is one aspect of the game I notice while playing. It is in many other games but this is an early version of a 3D game, and this games camera angle was amazing. It followed the character very well, and it showed the game world as if a person was looking at it with their own eyes (but in a cartoon world). If the camera got too close to the main character, the main character would fade so that the player could still see the gameworld without the main character in the way. This game did a very good job with showing the artwork behind it.
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    Albert's Jet Set Radio Future (XBX)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Wednesday 5 March, 2008

    Albert's opinion and rating for this game

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