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    jscorca's Devil May Cry 4 (PS3)

    [March 5, 2008 11:20:12 PM]
    Entry #2


    Devil may Cry 4 is a very fun game to play because of its combat and stylish ranking systems. Whenever you hack and slash at an enemy, you are given stylish points for the battles, which helps your overall ranking for the level. In order to get a high stylish ranking you need to use a variety of moves; if you use the same move over and over your stylish rating will go up at a very slow rate. This gives the player incentive to try new moves and keep combat from becoming dull by using the same move over and over again. The combat itself is challenging enough to keep the player interested and the graphics during combat are dazzling to watch.

    Another cool thing about Devil May Cry 4 is its ability buying system. If you beat a level in a short amount of time, collect a lot of orbs and get a high Stylish ranking for a particular level you obtain a large amount of skill points. These skill points can be spent at the beginning of each level and sometimes within the level through special shrines. You spend the points on new moves for your sword, charge ups for your gun, grappling for your demon arm and other movement abilities such as dodging double jumping or enemy hopping.


    What makes Devil May Cry innovative is the ranking elements. A long term goal in the game is to get the highest ranking possible and performing the levels to the best of your ability. On the short term the game has stylish ranking within the level to maintain the players interest and keep the game innovative. All in all players strive to accomplish these goals not just for bragging rights but because it also acts as a reward of facility by allowing you to choose more abilities the better you perform. Although this idea of performing well to gain access to skills that help you perform even better is not a unique quality of Devil May Cry 4, it does this in a very smooth and captivating way.

    The level design for Devil May Cry 4 make the game a lot of fun. First of all the graphics look great even when a lot of things on screen are in motion, making for good eye candy. The layout of the levels is linear but revolves around solving puzzles, so it doesn’t allow you to get too bored too fast. All the levels I’ve played have a good amount of enemies and the enemies are well placed in the level to keep the game challenging and interesting. The bosses at the end of some of the levels are practically levels within themselves because they have so many different moves and ways to counter attack that it becomes a matter of solving the puzzle. The tone of each level is mysterious and creepy which suits the game’s themes very well.
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    [March 5, 2008 11:19:37 PM]
    Entry #1


    Devil May Cry 4 is a hack and slash adventure game in which you play as Nero, a young demon slayer unraveling the mysterious within a corrupt religious community. The object of the game is to kill all the demons and save the world.


    I love the Devil May cry series, so I had high hopes when I bought it. The 40 minute required installation on the Playstation 3 seemed a little unnecessary, but it gave the background story during the installation which was convenient. The intro cinematic set up a good tone for the game as Nero defies physics slashing through demon minions making his way to the church while his female friend is singing surprisingly enjoyable opera. The new main character Nero is an oblivious young badass and is pretty likeable aside from some of his cliché dialogue. All in all I would say that the game made me feel good and successfully catered to my high hopes.

    So far the storyline is pretty interesting. Right from the get go you know there is something fishy going on with the church because Dante, the main character in Prior Devil May Cry games, is attacking the church and assassinates the high priest. Oblivious as your character Nero is, he goes into battle with Dante and you finally gain control of your character. This initiates the first level which deserves referencing because its probably one of the coolest tutorial levels I have ever played in a game.

    During the level, you spend time learning the different combos while fighting your old Devil May Cry main character, which is pretty unique. In the midst of this tutorial there are more cutscenes revealing your character Nero’s true power, his demon fist. Normally Devil May Cry is just swords and guns but Devil May Cry 4 implements a new grab attack which very well may be the coolest action your character can perform.
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    jscorca's Devil May Cry 4 (PS3)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Wednesday 5 March, 2008

    jscorca's opinion and rating for this game

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