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    maastas's Rogue Galaxy (PS2)

    [March 6, 2008 01:33:23 AM]
    Gamelog Entry #2


    During my second hour of gameplay, I began my quest to travel across the galaxy. By then the controls had become a bit more familiar than they we’re before, and I began to understand the concepts of the game a lot better. In the beginning I kept dying because I was not paying any attention to my life bar, so I was never aware of the times when I was close to death. Because of that, I was dying a lot, and the fact that I had to go through the “game over” phase and all of the loading screens was frustrating me a lot. But with practice comes perfect, and even though I’m not close to perfect, the game has become more familiar to me, and therefore my gameplay is more effective.

    Most of the time spent in my second hour playing this game was spent watching cutscenes. Some of these were so long that there were moments in which I felt like I was watching a movie. But all of these scenes are very helpful in the development of the story; and the fact that I’m almost playing out a movie is very interesting even though it seems like sometimes you can’t really do any playing. Perhaps it is because it is only the beginning of the game because as I continued playing it appeared to become more open to actual gameplay.


    There are many aspects to this game that I haven’t seen on other games that I have played before. For starters, the fact that you can gain allies along your quest is pretty much new to me. But one thing I discovered as I played it for the second time was that these allies not only helped you defeat enemies, but they can also be selected as your avatar when the avatar you were using dies in combat. This was very interesting to me because I’ve never played a game of this type.

    On the level design part of the game, the fields are pretty linear and straight to the point. Even though the worlds seem to be wide open, there is only one way in which the player can go at a time. The game follows a step-by-step process that the player needs to follow in order to advance in the game.

    The way in which different levels are shown is by having them take place in different planets. For each planet that is visited, there is a goal that needs to be reached, and a boss that needs to be beat. Also, the enemies on each planet are completely different in design, and they need to be defeated in different ways. The constant instruction window which appears every time something new comes at you is very helpful. With it you learn new aspects of the game at the time that you’re going to need them, and they seem to be very effective the way they are shown.
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    [March 5, 2008 11:42:12 PM]
    Gamelog Entry #1:


    Rogue Galaxy is a game about Jaster Rogue, who lives on a planet called Rose. Apparently, there is a war going on, and Rose has found itself involved in it. When a beast attacks the town where Jaster lives, Jaster finds himself battling along with a stranger, who turns out to be a legendary hunter called Desert Claw. Two pirates who are searching for Desert Claw believe they have found him, when in reality it is Jaster with Desert Claw’s sword. They then tell of their boss who is looking to hire Jaster believing he is the legendary hunter, and our hero gladly accepts their offer in an effort to take advantage of the opportunity to travel across the galaxy.


    During the first hour of gameplay, I found myself going through a lot of cut scenes. They begin showing the background story of Jaster, and how he came to live in Rose. Then after a beast attacks the city, I found myself traveling the streets of the town accompanied by a masked stranger. He claims to be my ally, at the moment. We then make our way through constantly appearing enemies, and with each battle comes instructions of how to use the controls and the different strategies in the game.

    After a while, I found myself battling against two stone giants, this time without my ally. They played the part of what appeared to be the miniboss in this section of the game. Soon, losing my previous ally and gaining two new ones, I found myself fighting the beast itself. Through out the battle, my allies helped me fight the beast as they taught me how to do more tricks with my avatar. After they were done teaching me, I was left to fight alone. This section of the game, I believe, is a training session incorporated within the gameplay. Even though the player has already began the game, what they are playing at the moment is an instruction session that will help the player get familiar with the controls and the different aspects of the game.
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    maastas's Rogue Galaxy (PS2)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Wednesday 5 March, 2008

    maastas's opinion and rating for this game

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