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    xenoabe's Mercenaries (XBX)

    [November 9, 2006 10:56:52 PM]
    The third mission that I completed was for the Mafia. The mission itself was simple. I just had to blow up some machine guns and steal a truck. However, the fact that this mission was from the mafia is what's important. It is not another country and your allegiance to the Mafia can really affect the gameplay. The Mafia offers a shop that provides a lot of really nice items that could aid in your missions. However, crossing the Mafia and losing their allegiance can cause this shop privelage to be revoked. From playing before I remembered that aiding one country can lose allegiance to another if they are enemies. The Mafia however is somewhat independant. However, getting on the Mafia's bad side can be a detrimental thing. This adds another level to the balance and cooperation found in Mercenaries.
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    [November 9, 2006 09:46:27 PM]
    I entered a new mission and this one focused on cooperation between the player and NPCs even more. This mission came from the South Koreans instead of the Allies (U.S.). It involved protecting the borders of a city alonside other South Koreans. Success depended on moving armored vehicles that have weapons attached around so that NPCs could use the weapons to aid you. The women's voice is even more important in this mission. You constantly have to move around the city and her voice helps aid in prompting the player when to move. Without the aid of the women's voice and the South Korean NPCs this mission would prove very difficult. This mission also introduces the idea of becoming friends with other countries. Depending on your actions your friendship will rise and fall with other groups. If you are on their goodside then they may help out or at least not fire. If you are on their badside then it can be very difficult entering their territory as they will fire and try to kill the player. There was only a sliver of this in the mission I just completed, but was apparent nonetheless. So cooperation also plays a part in getting on a group's good side.
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    [November 9, 2006 09:04:43 PM]
    Since this is the first time I've picked up Mercenaries in quite some time I decided to start over. I went through a cut scene that had a girl's voice introducing me to the game and controls. I then followed her guidance to a building where I was informed of my mission by a military man. Then I went out and completed the mission of capturing a man and destroying some artillery. I noticed that embodied voices are characters that truly guide your actions. Secondary characters guide you somewhat as they do in GTA, but these voices that come through the military radio tell you what to do on your missions or your current state. When I ordered an air strike on some artillery the voice of the pilot told me that the target was confirmed and then told me when the bombs were released. The girl's voice told me where to go and gave me helpful hints on what to do next and how I might go about doing it. The sense that military personnel are truly helping out is present. Your success depends on cooperation and aid of other military members. The gameplay is based on this idea. This is very different from games like GTA where you are very independant and only receive missions from other characters while occasionally having some assistance. Mercenaries drives off this assistance from military personnel.
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    xenoabe's Mercenaries (XBX)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Wednesday 8 November, 2006

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