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    dlohnes's Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)

    [March 6, 2008 01:06:00 AM]
    Super Mario Galaxy has very fun and fresh gameplay. As stated previously, the flow of the game
    adds to the gameplay a lot. Of course, there are many other reasons that SMG is arguably the
    best platformer on the Nintendo Wii. The controls are extremely tight; I thought this in
    particular was one of the reasons that I loved SMG so much. SMG is very much like Mario64, which
    I also enjoyed, but I never thought the controls for it were tight enough. In SMG, the controls
    are far beyond par for platformer controls, making the experience of playing it all the more

    The platformer elements of most games as well as other Mario games are literally
    turned on their head in SMG; in SMG, the new ability to take advantage of the gravity mechanics
    and physics in a space environment make for a great addition to the usual platformer fair.


    One of the most innovative elements of SMG is the gravity mechanics. This allows for an incredible
    change in how the levels are designed compared to previous Mario titles and other platformers
    in general. The player still technically has a "path" they will follow in any given level, but
    it feels much more open than other platformers. Mario can literally circumnavigate entire spheres
    in space, given the designers much more freedom with placement of enemies, rewards, and
    checkpoints. It also allows for more special hidden rewards such as Red or Green mushrooms to
    be hidden very easily.

    SMG makes very good use of the special power-up suits that are common in Mario games. Instead
    of having power-ups that make it easier to defeat enemies as in earlier Mario titles, the suits
    in SMG allow the player to navigate the world in different ways. For example, the Bee suit
    allows Mario to hover for periods of time, and the Ice suit allows Mario to skate on water,
    turning it into ice under his feet as he goes. This also allows for very interesting level design
    in SMG, as it allows the designers even more freedom in how they place the player's path.

    The game's reward structure is also very well tuned. As you play, you collect very common star
    bits, less common gold coins, and rare 1-ups and red mushrooms which give the player extra health.
    Collecting star bits in itself is fun because it makes good use of the wii-remote (point at a star
    bit and you collect it). Star bits are also used as currency sometimes in certain levels if you
    talk to the right Luma. Coins and star bits both give the player an extra life if enough are
    collected, and star bits can even be used as ammunition if you decide to shoot them as projectiles
    by pressing the B-trigger on the wii-remote.
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    [March 6, 2008 12:38:13 AM]

    Super Mario Galaxy is a platformer on the Nintendo Wii that takes the loveable Mario
    through various galaxies. As you play, you collect stars to unlock more galaxies and eventually
    save, you guessed it, Princess Peach.


    Super Mario Galaxy's characters are all very cute, though shallow. All of the characters
    are very brightly colored, unique, and many of them are recognizeable from other Mario
    games, but like the story of Mario games, the characters in SMG don't actually have much
    "character". The "lumas" that help Mario in his journey usually repeat one line to you
    over and over if you talk to them, so there isn't much information you can get out of them.
    Also present is Rosalina, the woman that Mario meets on the mysterious world he wakes up on
    after Bowser catapults him into space at the game's start. Mario is as likeable as ever,
    but like always he's not much of a talker. The same goes for Bowser, Luigi, and Peach, who
    all make appearances but are really only more likeable than the Lumas because we as an audience
    have known them for so many years.

    The story of Super Mario Galaxy is just as flat as any other Mario game. Princess Peach is
    kidnapped by Bowser, you play as Mario and have to save her. As stated previously, at the
    game's start, Mario is flung into outer space by Bowser and wakes up on a planet. The player
    is then introduced to the Lumas and Rosalina, who watches over the stars in the galaxy. You
    spend time in between each level on her observatory which eventually becomes mobile once you
    have collected enough stars, allowing you to travel to the center of the universe and save
    Princes Peach, though probably not once and for all.

    SMG's gameplay has excellent flow and pace. The levels aren't ever too long or too short, and
    new elements are introduced (such as surfing, skating, or new power-ups specific to certain
    levels) often so that you don't ever get too tired of playing the game. The landscapes and music
    also change just as often as the pace of the game does, making for a much better gameplay
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    dlohnes's Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Thursday 10 January, 2008

    dlohnes's opinion and rating for this game

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    Rating (out of 5):starstarstarstarstar

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