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    Junker's Earthbound (SNES)

    [March 6, 2008 01:14:08 AM]
    This game is frustrating at times. Basically, the boss fights in this game are challenging and get very frustrating because sometime it’s more than just he boss. The boss usually has helpers and they hurt. My strategy for boss fights is to destroy all helpers with an All attack, an attack which hurts all opponents and hopefully killing the small ones so I can focus on the boss. They deal so much damage it is not even funny. I have died numerous amounts of times to boss fights. When you lose, you lose half your money. The good news is that your experience stays the same and going back to fight the boss can help you level up. One cool this when you beat the boss is that if you walk through the level again, all the enemies run from you. I found that rather funny. It is like there henchmen and when their boss is gone they fear whoever took him out. As you gain levels you get stronger, sometimes you’re really strong to an enemy. So the game checks to see if you are tougher than it and makes an instant battle, in which case you kill it in one hit, gain experience, and all items if dropped. Some of the things you have to do in the game require you to spend a lot of money and wait for awhile. For example, in order to go to a city, I need a special device that destroys all “pencil shaped” objects. That’s a first for me. Usually quest items are done instantaneous and usually there is no wait for the necessary item you need to progress on. The storyline of this game keeps bringing me back to it. I have to know what happens. I want to know more about the challenges ahead. They are goofy and really original; I want to see what happens. It is a very interesting storyline. The enemies you fought get really weird and add more interest to the game.


    A basic RPG, with all role playing elements included. The battle system is similar to that of Dragon Warriors in which you only see the monster you are fighting and your health. There’s also one difference I found out about the game. When you take massive damage, like overkill, your life begins to wind down and if you can kill enemies before your health reaches zero, you win the battle. I thought this was neat. I have never had this option in an RPG. Also the stat “Guts” can save your life by doing the same things. If you die, the “Guts” stat can save you.
    The game allows you to move around in eight directions. You can walk, take a bus, or even ride a bike. Usually you’ll have to do something to get those except walking. The game doesn’t give you a world map but from playing for awhile and seeing how big the towns are, the world is REALLY REALLY BIG!! Each town has at least two neighboring towns that are just as big as or bigger than the previous town.
    Having your magic powers be psychic is really cool. Not many games take advantage of this.

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    [March 6, 2008 12:54:56 AM]
    Earthbound is a RPG game for the super Nintendo. In the game, you play as the hero Ness in order to prevent a horrible disaster so you can change the future. By using your psychic powers along with your teammates, you are to stop the future that could be.

    I’ve always wondered about the Earthbound series for as long as I have played as Ness in Super Smash bros. This was my chance to play. I really didn’t know what exactly to expect, this the first time I’ve seen the game. You start off by making your characters name. What’s interesting about this part is that they ask you to name your favorite food. I thought this was bizarre until I found its true purpose in the game was that Ness’s mother feeds you your favorite dish to fully heal all hit points and psychic points. The game world of Earthbound is that of a regular suburban home and actual modern day cities which made feel comfortable in. It’s pretty rare to find an RPG that is set in modern time. Usually it’s more fantasy or in space setting. When game actually starts, you wake up to the sound of a meteor crashing near by. After you find a magical butterfly and you gain powers, it’s really weird and they do not explain how you get those powers really. I’ve wondered how Ness got his powers because the game never really hints as to how you get it only that you are the destined hero that is supposed to stop a terrible future from happening. From then on, weird events keep coming like people are being controlled by the enemies influence, an evil cult arise and takes over a town, and ghosts begin to appear in tunnels. All the equipment you get is like normal clothes and items. From Baseball caps to ribbons can be used as armor for a high amount of defense. You can actually beat “New Age Retro Hippies” so they faint with a T-ball bat. I really enjoy that fact very much.
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    Junker's Earthbound (SNES)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Thursday 6 March, 2008

    Junker's opinion and rating for this game

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