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    ajf's Dynasty Warriors 6 (360)

    [March 6, 2008 04:46:21 AM]

    One of the things that gets old in this game is the level design. There are three kingdoms and they almost always battle against each other. As a result, almost all of the characters receive the same battles just on different sides. Once we play through a battle a few times we know what will happen. This cuts down on the necessity to experiment with strategies which is a fun part of the game.

    The characters suffer from some of the same problems. A lot of characters have the same weapons (i.e. swords, spears) with slight differences. The skill trees help vary the characters but the play style is the same for many. It can be annoying to get excited about unlocking new characters just to find out they're pretty much the same as four other characters we've played with. This isn't as big of a deal as it sounds though because it is still fun to play through the individual characters' story lines and work towards powering up a character that I like a lot or unlocking more characters.


    As mentioned before, the levels of this game could be better. Instead of making each character just play a different part of the same battle, the developers could have made the characters go through different paths and fight different battles. There are four kingdoms in the game, Wu, Wei, and Shu, as well as "Other" which is made up of characters with individual story lines and objectives. All of these kingdoms are essentially battling each other for control of China. The "Other" characters are often the most interesting because they tend to be unique in both their design and the path that they take through battles.

    As a fan of the Dynasty Warriors series I have also noticed that this game has actually removed a lot of the things that were improvements on past installments. For example, there are actually less characters in this game than number five. The tribal, jungle inhabiting Meng Huo and his wife are no longer available for play, as are the levels that centered around their home land. This is unfortunate, as the jungle levels were a fun change from the traditional battle grounds found in the rest of the game. This seems lazy on the part of the developer; they seem to have not wanted to invest the time to add this part of the storyline into this installment for some reason.

    Another thing absent from this installment is the weapon variation and individuality of characters from the previous installment. Many of the characters with unique weapons such as claws, nunchuks, or tonfas, have been given more generic weapons such as spears and swords. This makes the seem even more repetitive which is bad due to the repetitivity already inherent in the game play.
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    [March 6, 2008 12:59:23 AM]

    Dynasty Warriors 6 is the sixth installment of the very popular Dynasty Warriors series in which players control a hero in feudal China, hacking through waves of soldiers and other heroes. The game also includes RPG elements such as leveling up and a skill tree.


    Part of what games this game fun is the ability to fight off hundreds of enemies at a time while controlling only one character. This really makes the player feel like a hero and not just another soldier on the battlefield. This feeling is captured as well by the effect I had on the over all battle. If I let the enemy attack my AI controlled team mates, our bases would be captured and we would lose. If I ran over and defeated the entire attacking force we could continue winning. The game does a good job of making the player feel that even though a huge battle is going on, they are vitally important

    I played this game multiplayer with one of my friends. This makes the game much more enjoyable in my opinion. Before each battle we would look at the map and decide who was going to head where or if defense or offense was more appropriate. If we failed, we would often look back and try to plan a different strategy. This added another level of interactivity between both the game and my friend and I that often does not happen in games.

    Dynasty Warriors' gameplay is very repetitive; almost every battle's goal is essentially to protect your leader and defeat the enemies' leader. What keeps it fun is being able to get new abilities, weapons, horses, and even characters as you defeat enemies and battles. It is very fun to have a high level character who can mow down everything, even enemy generals, in a couple of hits with a powerful weapon that was discovered. All of these things made the game fun to play over and over even though my friend and I were basically doing the same thing every time.

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    ajf's Dynasty Warriors 6 (360)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Thursday 6 March, 2008

    ajf's opinion and rating for this game

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