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    vincent89simi's Gears of War (360)

    [March 6, 2008 01:51:42 AM]
    --Second Entry--


    For my second session, I kept playing on co-op mode with my friend. There were several bosses until the end. Many of those bosses required the Hammer of Dawn to kill them. For example, Bersekers, the female drones who can’t see, but uses smell and sound to kill humans, are much larger and stronger than average drones. We had to force her to go outside and use the Hammer of Dawn.

    There were several new types of the Locust Horde as we played more. One of them, that were very interesting, was kryll. They look like birds. At night, they could out from the ground and kill anything including their own locust units and humans that are in darkness. Also you can’t be revived by other soldiers after getting attacked by kryll. There were also Boomers which are bigger drones that shoots rocket launchers, Dark Wretchers which explodes after getting killed, and Theron guards which are sort of the elite drones that are stronger, smarter, and faster than average drones and use the torque bow which can kill you with one hit.

    The last mission of the game was to send the “Lightmass Bomb” to the heart of the Locust Horde. We started in the train with bombs. We had to kill many Dark Wetchers, drones, a Berseker and Reavers which are sort of flying machines for the Locust Horde. At the end, we faced the General RAAM. He was surrounded by kryll. He could be only killed when kryll were sent to attack us. It was much harder than other bosses, because he had a lot of health. And we move around to dodge him, but we were killed by kryll, because we had to move into darkness. At the end, we managed to kill him and show the cut scene of a Locust, perhaps the Locust Queen, saying that war will continue.


    There were a lot of good parts and some bad parts in this game. I like many new features in this game that other shooting games don’t have. Features like covering and the Crimson Omen life system made this game much easier but also exciting. Because of those two features, it was much easier to survive. I also liked kyrll, because they gave more difficulty to game and also more excitement.

    The part that I don’t like about this game was that everything was too dark. It was almost impossible to see the Locust Horde units without getting shot at first. Also I hope there were more kinds of enemy units. Most of battles were very similar and easy. Yet, I think this was one of the best games that I have ever played in my life. And I think there will be more new features in the second one.
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    [March 6, 2008 01:50:58 AM]
    --First Entry--


    Gears of War is tactical third-person shooting game. The game takes place on planet Sera, where humans inhabited. After war between several human countries ended, the Coalition of Ordered Governments (COG) was formed. The war ended on “Emergence Day”, when Locust Horde came out from underneath of major human cities by using tunnels. Soon, Locust Horde took control of most of human urban, military, and manufacturing centers. The player plays as Marcus Fenix, a former prisoner, to get the “resonator” which maps the Locust tunnels and to deploy the “Lightmass Bomb” which will destroy the heart of the Locust Horde.


    For my first session, I played it on co-op mode with my friend. I liked the fact that there were many types of weapons in this game. You first start with a pistol, a rifle, a shotgun, and two smoke grenades, but throughout the gameplay you can obtain a sniper, a rocket launcher, frag grenades, Torque Bow, and the “Hammer of Dawn”, an orbital satellite laser gun which can be only used outside.

    I haven’t played a shooting game with console before, so it was so hard for me to move and aim in the beginning. But soon I got used to it, it became really easy. One other feature that I wasn’t used to was the hiding and standing behind the wall. Also because it uses same button as running, sometimes it slowed me down. But I found out that it was really important in this game and can’t beat the game without it, so I started using it a lot

    Beginning of the game was fairly easy for me. There were only two kinds of the Locust units; Drones which shoot and Wretchers that come from ground or ceiling to attack from close range. It was easy to kill the Drones because they didn’t have very good accuracy and they easily died. Wretchers were hard to kill because they move fast, but they can be easily killed by hitting them with shotgun or sniper or using the chainsaw from the rifle.

    Another feature that I liked was the life system. Unlike other shooting games, which have the health bar, Gears of War uses the Crimson Omen, a circle shaped icon that become brighter when you get hit. Because I could move and hide until it becomes normal, I died less that I probably would have if it had the health bar system. Also even I die, my friend could revive me the most of time.
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    vincent89simi's Gears of War (360)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Thursday 6 March, 2008

    vincent89simi's opinion and rating for this game

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