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    dstomakh's Audiosurf (PC)

    [March 6, 2008 01:55:46 AM]
    Gamelog Entry #1:

    Audiosurf is a puzzle racer that adapts music into a race track; it’s like being able to interact with musical visualizations. This race track gets filled with blocks that the player has to either collect or dodge depending on which puzzle he or she is playing. The speed on the player’s racer is determined by the instantaneous tempo of the song being played.

    There are three difficulty levels: easy, medium, and hard. The difficulty setting determines the amount of blocks that are on the race track. In all of the different puzzles there is some sort of penalty for either hitting blocks that are not supposed to be hit or overfilling one or more of your collecting lanes with blocks. Hence, when there are a lot of blocks and you are going through a particularly fast zone you really have to watch what you collect or be penalized. Blocks disappear –and turn into points– when there are three or more adjacent blocks in the collecting lanes; however even if this condition is met the blocks don’t instantly disappear, but remain there for a little while giving you time to collect more and receive a higher bonus.
    This game really ropes you in because you are able to enjoy all of your favorite music and solve puzzles that are dependant on your favorite music. While this game is available both offline and online, it is much more fun to play online since you can compare your top scores with everyone else’s. At the end of each level as you wait for the statistics to load you hope that you scored high enough and obtained enough bonuses to make it into the top scores list.
    I haven’t tried out all the different puzzles, I mostly prefer playing Ninja Mono in which the player has to collect all the colorful blocks and avoid the grey blocks.

    I think this a very innovative idea, but more importantly it is completely original (or at least I haven’t seen anything like it before). I like how the designer allowed for the game to be controlled in many different ways: the mouse, arrow keys, ASDF-keys for direct lane switching, and even being able to hook up an X-Box controller. The learning curve is a little steep though especially if most of the music you have is very fast paced. There isn’t too much documentation, but the puzzles are described enough that the player has a general understanding of what each one is before playing it.
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    dstomakh's Audiosurf (PC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Sunday 2 March, 2008

    dstomakh's opinion and rating for this game

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