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    kungfutoday's Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (PS2)

    [March 7, 2008 12:48:50 PM]
    Gameplay 2
    Coming back to the game, rested and more aware I attempted to do a few more jobs, but I have also discovered that other than the mini car games, there are also time trials for me to do on motorcycles, pizza deliveries on mopeds, and if I were brave enough to steal a fire truck or police car I could do vigilante work, which ended up being ridiculously fun. I also discovered gang wars, and if I was in the wrong part of town I would randomly start being shot at. One of the most fun things that I discovered was that I could do tricks and find little premade ramps to go off of with either the dirtbike or the racing bike and I would get points and money for those tricks as well. But honestly, after an hour or so of doing jobs a not exactly being the most successful hit man, I ended up going as crazy as possible. I would drive through crowds of people, do drive by's up and down the street, anything to get my stars up and get the tanks and choppers to come out. I also went online and found codes so I could get every weapon, get a tank, and find out where the helicopters were so I could fly those. The speed boats were awesome too. There was one code that allowed me to drive on water, so I would take the tank and go crazy on land, the drive into the water and do some damage to the police out there too. I pretty much liked the chaos aspect of the game because It allowed me to blow off a little steam and laugh about it. I really like taking the racing bike and driving full speed into a wall and either slamming into it or going flying through the air if the wall was small enough.

    I thought this game was extremely well designed. The lighting and colors made it seem like an 80's music video mixed with episodes of Nash Bridges which I thought was the funniest thing because I know how corny that show is. I also really like the different mode of transportation because each one has perks and disadvantages in steering capability, armor and speed which were all crucial depending on what kind of job you were about to do. I also think the main characters fighting style without weapons was pretty funny and I liked it when random people fought back. I thought the area was also appropriate considering Miami's reputation for drug dealers and kingpins and stuff like that and the scenery was all very nice to drive through and set on fire. The weapons were one of the coolest things about the game because there were so many to choose from and they made killing people and destroying thins in many different way interesting because you could torch things, hit thing with bats or just shoot people in the knee caps.
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    [March 7, 2008 12:31:55 PM]
    Grand Theft Auto is a game where you do jobs for the mob and whoever else offers to pay for your assistance. You can acquire guns, cars, money as well as stars which alert the police to how you've been behaving. If you've been too bad then on top of the jobs you are doing you also have to run from the cops.

    Starting out was simple enough although simply running around everywhere wasn't cutting it for me. After I stole my first car and got my first star I was in the zone. The first few jobs were easy although I messed some of em up because I was kinda careless and still getting the feel for how the different cars drove, and how my opponents were going to react to what I was doing. As time wore on i started to do more extraneous activities instead of the jobs and realized that there is a whole other system of games that can be played. There were dirt bike tracks and mini RC car tracks where I could win more money as well as have a little bit of arcade type fun while I was waiting to whack my next victim. There was definitely a point though when I got tired of attempting missions over and over again because each time I would fail in a spot that I had passed the previous time.
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    kungfutoday's Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (PS2)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Sunday 2 March, 2008

    kungfutoday's opinion and rating for this game

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