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    b2@dpu's Guitar Hero III: Legentds of Rock (Wii)

    [April 24, 2008 02:53:34 PM]
    Who hasn’t at some point dream of become a rock star? To rock out? To sellout a stadium shows? To be loved by thousand of fans? To tour the country in a tour bus? To be adored by the groupies? However, for most of us this is just that a dream. We don’t have the time to spend hours practicing. We might not even be talented enough to play a musical instrument or sing. Finally, most of us don’t even want to devote are lives to playing music. So for those of us that will never rock out to a sold out crowd or even be in a garage band there is Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock is a simulation video game of the musical genre that allows the player feel what it is like to be a rock star by having them be the guitar player in a rock band. This goal of the game is to complete all the songs and finish the level of game play that you are attempting (easy, medium, hard, and expert). Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock successfully creates a fun and challenging simulation based game that anyone can play by using the descriptive method of play and the evaluative method play.

    Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock uses the descriptive method of play to create a fun and challenging game by having one basic action of the game, playing the guitar. This is accomplished by having the neck of a guitar shown vertically on the screen which the notes flow down. When the note hits the bottom of the guitar the player must hit the correct button or combination of buttons and strum the strum bar on there guitar shaped control in rhythm with the music. When a note is play correctly the player then receives points and the rock meter which measures ones level of rock rises. However, if the note is missed or played outside of the expectable time limit the player is not reward points and the rock meter falls. If the rock meter drops to zero the song stops and the player is booed of the stage. However, if the rock meter does not drop to zero and the player is able to finish the song the song is marked and completed and the player can move on to playing the next song. Once a majority group of songs is played the player affectively levels ups and can thus play the next level. The descriptive play thus allows the player to experience the general job of a guitar player, which is playing the correct notes (at least playing enough correct notes not to get booed of stage).

    Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock also uses the evaluative method of play in order to simulate the jobs of the guitar player that are not as simple as just playing the guitar… getting the crowd amped up. Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock accomplishes this by having groups of starred notes that increase ones star power meter when all of the notes in the group are played correctly. When ones star power meter is full, one can tilt the guitar controller to activate star power. By activating Star power one receives double the points for each note hit correctly and a jump in their rock meter. This is a evaluative method of game play because one can strategically chose when to activate their star power. For example on could use is to get the most points by activating it when they are getting extra points from hitting a number of notes correctly in a row, or when they are at a difficult point in the song and their rock meter is in need of some serious help. This aspect of the game is also used in when battling the bosses of the game, which include Slash the guitarist from Guns and Roses and Lou the Devil, as a way of messing them up instead of directly helping you. However, in these battles your opponent can also use these attacks on you. Therefore, the star power and battle power gives the game a evaluative level of play that simulates the ups and downs that guitarist face other than just merely playing the guitar.
    In conclusion, Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock through the use of both descriptive and evaluative game play is a thoroughly enjoyable game that effectively simulates aspects of being a guitar playing rock star while not requiring the in-depth knowledge, time, and skill required to actually be a guitarist. Another aspect of the game that creates another real challenge of being a “guitar hero” is the cartoony background because it creates a distraction much like the crowd and other activities at a concert would be distracting. In my hours and hours of playing this game I have found it to be very enjoyable even though I have not been able to bet the medium level of game play and now that it is in no way really increasing my ability to play the guitar. However, I have heard that there is a company that is attempting to create a similar game that will actually teach the player to play an actual guitar. As for me I’ll just stick to guitar hero and the RED, GREEN, RED, BLUE, YELLOW….

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    b2@dpu's Guitar Hero III: Legentds of Rock (Wii)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Wednesday 26 March, 2008

    b2@dpu's opinion and rating for this game

    Great way to spend a night with a case of beer and some friends

    Rating (out of 5):starstarstarstar

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