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    VRBones's FuryBand (PC)

    [July 14, 2008 09:21:39 AM]
    (10h) - VRBones LXXI, Level 29 Mutant Beorning Jedi - Finally made it past level 27 where light jedis get *identify*. Found out that most of my random artifacts were crap, but at least I know I can drop them now. The RNG pets are working wonders. They breed super fast to help initial takeover, confuse enemies to last longer and also drop goodies if they die. It'll take some serious summoners to top these guys.

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    [July 3, 2008 12:19:28 PM]
    (15h) - I'm back in the roguelike mood. Furyband has a gold release, but playing through the ironman mode as jedi there still looks liek there's some work to be done.

    Installed a dev environment at work so I might look into the coding of one to see if there's any simple way of embedding meaning through Temporal ROAM.

    (3h) - VRBones LX - persisting with the Favoured Maia Jedi build to get into the ironman version of FuryBand. I've been able to get up to level 20, but barely any depth, maybe 8 levels down. 60th variant is living well and has built up a nice rat army to swamp the enemy.

    (1h) - VRBones LXI - Moved from Dwarf Fortress to FuryBand for downtime at work.

    (3h) - VRBones LXII, Level 21 Beorning Jedi Mutant - Talking to Ben made me pull this one out of the closet again. I've been trying to get enough into gauntlet mode to get full identify working. Still haven't made it to lvl 24. Keep dying to silly pack situations.

    (2h) - VRBones LXXI, Level 18 Mutant Beorning Jedi

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    VRBones's FuryBand (PC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Saturday 3 March, 2007

    VRBones's opinion and rating for this game

    Roguelike variant. Ubermensch Jedi.

    Rating (out of 5):starstarstarstarstar

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