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    VRBones's Team Fortress 2 (PC)

    [July 6, 2008 10:54:10 PM]
    (4h) - There's been a couple of new updates coming through, so I hopped on for a bit of 2FORT fun to see if there were any drastic changes. I can still top the pub charts as rocketman, but there must have been a pyro skillup akin to the medic one recently as they now can blow back rockets :/

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    [July 6, 2008 10:46:12 PM]
    (45h) I'm starting to get top 3 positions pretty regularly now. GameArena has a league set up for TF2 and is the biggest league in the world so far. Hoping I'll find an oldskool team to join up wif. Playing for 5 hours straight also leads to gamerStink(tm). It's been away for a while, probably since QGL days, but it's certainly shower time after a good sesh of TF2.

    (17h) 42 points with soldier. [QGL] played and won a tense game over McOhnd.

    (9h) [QGL] lost against Hyphen gaming. Once I saw kinnear in the hyphen squad I knew we were in trouble, but Steam is what really killed the game.

    (11h) [QGL] won 4-0 on 2Fort. Far more comfortabe on that map. Next week has us defending against ACSSL again on 2fort, so I'm pretty confident. Might even play this week :/.

    (13h) - [QGL] won 3-2 on 2Fort with me top scoring.

    (19h) - [QGL] won 3-2 CP_Well match over Drunkards in Combat to vault us into 16th on the ladder.

    (8h) - [QGL] lost to both Mad Dogz (expected) and Clan A, but hurting the most was a non-entry of score that cost us 4 places on the ladder. I still reckon we're top 20 material, probably a bit more teamwork as we're all pretty rusty. I'm suprised that I'm playing far more than most other players according to steam. Maybe I'm loving this game more than others?

    (10h) - Still hooks me in (like to 3am christmas eve), but just less times I'm starting it up.

    (8h) - All the updates are killing the crap out of my FPS too :/

    (2h) - How the mighty have fallen. Only a single session at Matt's to show them what it's like.

    (2h) - First time playing the game for over a week was a [QGL] clan matchup. We dropped 2 quick captures to 6P before clawing back 1 ourselves. I'm guessing we were all a bit rusty as we improved a lot toward the 2nd half, as I moved into attack and got anotehr back, only to lose ours in a great melee in the middle. We had theirs out again but we time beat us. 2-3. Very close one. Certainly don't mind losing games that intense and tight.

    (8h) - 3 more [QGL] matches over the 2 week period. A grrreat 3-2 win over the Grr Armada vaulted us up into 12th, but 2 losses to -PC- and HoC have us sitting in 17th. There's still some teams above us that we have beaten previously, so hopefull we can get in a challenge to keep us in the top 20.

    (10h) - I've sat out a couple of [QGL] matches, but have had some alternate fun with GU fun maps and 2Fort bashups.

    (20h) - Back to its best. Another map was released on the big Friday update and it's got all the fun of the originals all over again. More maps (No, make that more quality maps) is al that's needed to keep it alive. No other changes necessary.

    After all the fuss about the medic unlockable guns, nothing was in the update to do anything of the sort. *Shrug*

    (2h) - Suffered lots from the reso college causing a distinct break with normal playtime.
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    VRBones's Team Fortress 2 (PC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Thursday 25 October, 2007

    VRBones's opinion and rating for this game


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