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    jp's Dungeons & Dragons: Eye of the Beholder (GBA)

    [September 9, 2003 09:25:21 AM]
    Yay! After a pretty large (but not hard) fight I got the Xanathar key. Unfortunately one of my party members died in the process (I hate the hold person/instant kill combo). Oh well. I decided to forge on ahead nonetheless..
    Piece of cake. A few well placed lightning bolts and game over for Xanathar. (yes, the Beholder).

    I ended up enjoying this game mainly due to nostalgia for RPGs of old. (Bards Tale and the SSI Gold Box series). It was ok. I enjoyed it even though it has some annoyances I got over eventually.

    Signing off...
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    [September 3, 2003 01:08:36 PM]
    Just finished an "important" section. Basically all the drow. I've now ventured into unexplored depths (and different looking dungeons) fighting some weird things that I have no idea what they are. My characters are also getting to about level 7.
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    [August 28, 2003 04:21:13 PM]
    I'm still playin it. Wow. On a strict "game quality" basis this game does a whole bunch of things wrong. A whole bunch. The interface sucks, the graphics suck, etc.etc.etc. Yet. Here I am. A whole bunch of days later and I'm still playing it. Why?

    Yes. If you're reading this you are probably also wondering. Am I some sort of masochist? Well, not really. I got past the initial frustrations and disappointment and am now in a nostalgic mood. You see, this game is incredibly reminiscent of RPGs of yore. I LOVED the SSI Gold Box AD&D RPGs, I loved Bard Tale, etc. This game basically reminds me of that. A good feeling overall so I guess the game isn't so bad afterall, thanks to my previous gaming experience and the pleasant nostalgic feelings.
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    [August 6, 2003 12:00:34 PM]
    Ok. I picked this up for $10 at Target. What a great deal! Well, I'm not sure yet. This RPG is quite "old-school" but has some pretty bad interface issues. I'm at a point where I'm hoping it will grow on me (and I'll get used to its crappy interface) but not really sure if that will actually happen but I'll keep on trying it...
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    jp's Dungeons & Dragons: Eye of the Beholder (GBA)

    Current Status: Finished playing

    GameLog started on: Monday 4 August, 2003

    GameLog closed on: Tuesday 9 September, 2003

    jp's opinion and rating for this game

    Has lots of little annoyances but it was an enjoyable game in the end. Mainly due to a nostalgia factor I have for games like Bards Tale and the SSI Gold Box Series. If you've grown beyond them.. don't pick this up.

    Rating (out of 5):starstarstarstar

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