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    Molly's Super Smash Brothers Melee (GC)

    [January 8, 2007 10:50:06 PM]
    I played for another hour and somehow wasn't even bored yet. My eyes are a little tired though... In any case, as I kept playing, I noticed that the backgrounds have a lot of detail. In both the stationary and the moving stages you can notice waves in the water, or the Three Giants lifting the moon, or trees far in the distance. I really saw this in Ness' level where there was an entire town in the background even though you only play on three buildings. Plus there are two tree branches that are bouncy and when you bounce on them, a couple of tiny little leaves flutter out. I think that it's very small things like that which you don't even consciously notice that give this game an amazing richness. Every stage is also planned out very well, especially the moving ones. I really saw this in the Rainbow Cruise level where each screen melts into another. There are stationary platforms, magic carpets, and see-saw-like platforms, and ones that disappear if you stand on them too long. Using some combination of these you can stay towards the top of the screen so you don't die. But there are many ways you can take to the top. Plus you must account for the jumping skills of the character you're playing with. I know this is all very detailed and probably not interesting to read, but I just went off on a tangent. In any case, this game has all the right ingredients for a good time and a laugh.
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    [January 8, 2007 08:48:40 PM]
    Well, I played Melee with two other people and one AI for about an hour. I love this game. I hadn't played for a few months, so I had to relearn controls, attacks, and strategies. It came back to me pretty quickly, and then I was just having fun. Smash Brothers is great for learning to laugh at yourself and your mistakes. For example, I'm always accidentally falling off the edge with jumpy characters like Falco and Pichu. It's also a very successful social game. It involves a competitive spirit, but also teamwork, especially when the Zelda/Sheik AI is going crazy and will not stop punching everyone. She actually won two games. The next game, we were determined to bring her down, and with not too much difficulty, were able to do so.
    When that sort of thing happens, it makes me appreciate the game's variability. Every time you play the game it is a different experience. This depends on the people you're playing with, the characters you each choose, the arena, and the settings you use. And even then, the same person could choose to utilize different attacks and you would need to adjust your own style accordingly. When comparing this to the N64 version of Smash Bros. (which I also play), you notice these choices even more. Yes, the graphics are much better, but that's not the main reason why I like it better. There are so many new characters and stages that are part of Nintendo culture. You can now play with Peach, Ganondorf, Marth, and many others. Well, off to play some more...
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    Molly's Super Smash Brothers Melee (GC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Monday 8 January, 2007

    Molly's opinion and rating for this game

    Good for parties and laughs.

    Rating (out of 5):starstarstarstarstar

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