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    wraithguard01's Portal (360)

    [April 20, 2009 09:59:04 PM]
    ** Overview **

    The game is an innovative mix of FPS and puzzle. The main point of the game is to get to the exit gate, by any means necessary. Your primary "weapon" is a portal gun that shoots either orange or blue portals, that are linked to each other, and allow the player and any other objects to pass through them. In many levels, you also have a "companion cube" which you use to weigh down switches, jump on, block fire balls, etc... Throughout all the levels, GLaDOS is your "guide," until you reach past level 19, and she turns into the antagonist.

    ** Story **

    You are a test subject in the Aperture Science Laboratory, that is being subjected to several tests with the Portal Gun. According to outside sources, you find out that Aperture Science was somehow born through Black Mesa, which is a large part of the story in the Half-Life series. However, the full story isn't quite clear simply by playing through Portal. One must be familiar with the Half-Life Series, as well as outside research before it becomes clear.

    ** Graphics and Sound **

    The graphics are outstanding, even compared to other Xbox 360 games. The sounds are all original and well thought out, and actually did stand out to me during game play. They are interesting, original, and creative sounds.

    ** Gameplay **

    The gameplay is very fun. You begin the game, and the first 19 levels each teach you a new method to beat a level. You must use several tactics other than using the portal gun to beat some of the levels. For instance, there are doors that are only opened by stepping on a switch, and you must use a your "companion cube" to beat most of the levels. Another tactic to beating the level is of course to use the portal gun, however, there are many different ways to use it, and usually many ways to beat a specific challenge. Many times you must use your velocity to reach out of the way areas. The portals conserve your momentum, while changing your direction. This allows you to place a portal on the wall, place a corresponding portal on the floor, then fall through the portal on the floor, causing you to fall back down, into the portal again, then flying further than last time. There are several other tactics, including activating moving platforms, "directing" the plasma balls into their activators, and other creative tactics. Many times, the solution isn't immediately obvious. The game creates conflict through changing the alignment of GLaDOS at the end of level 19. Once it becomes clear that she's trying to kill you, and that you won't cooperate with her killing you, she begins to set the levels against you. The game had a very clear flow, very linear. While there was sometimes a variety of ways to beat each individual parts of the level, the parts of the level can in a linear fashion.
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    wraithguard01's Portal (360)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Monday 20 April, 2009

    wraithguard01's opinion and rating for this game

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