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    nknichol's Call of Duty: World at War (360)

    [August 23, 2009 08:17:09 PM]

    During this session I only played the single-player campaign portion of the game. As soon as the game starts the player is already up against countless enemies. Throughout the levels you can find and use different types of weapons which include sniper rifles, machine guns, pistols and rocket launchers; although, during the first few levels you only come across one or two different weapons which can get boring.

    On the other hand, the campaign remains interesting because every couple of levels you are switched to a different character in a different front of the war. In the beginning you only fight the Japanese, and you are constantly in battle with dozens of enemies. These missions are focussed on sheer manpower to kill all of the threats. Once you get used to taking part in that style of combat, you are switched to a Russian sniper fighting against Germans. During these missions, the goal is to stay hidden and only shoot when the risk is low. This constant change of gameplay can keep you engaged for hours.


    This game only has a couple innovative features due to the many first person shooters already out there. One particularly cool aspect of the game is the cinematics. In most games the gameplay stops during the cutscenes and you cannot do anything. In this game you can still control the character during the cinematics, although your movement is sometimes restricted. Another feature in the game is two-part story mode. In the average game you take control of one character during the length of the story mode. In World at War, you switch between two characters fighting in very different levels. Other than those two aspects, this game is basically just like most other World War II shooters.

    The main thing that makes the game bad are the endless enemy spawns, also known as clownrooms. Each time you enter a new area you are up against an unlimited supply of enemies, and after you eleminate one wave of enemies the second wave performs the exact same moves as the first wave. For example, you shoot one enemy and another will appear and do the exact same things that that enemy just did. This cycle only ends when you move forward or die. By placing these clownrooms everywhere certain strategies are eleminated. Holding back while you stealthily snipe all of the enemies will never work as you will easily run out of ammo. This becomes even more of a problem on the harder difficulties because the unlimited enemies also throw unlimited grenades which gets frustrating very fast.

    If I could change something about this game it would be the unlimited enemies. Designing the game this way just seems like an easy way of increasing the difficulty; the design team should have taken more time to improve the enemies intelligence instead. Having smarter enemies rather than more enemies would greatly improve the campaign mode.

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    [August 21, 2009 02:12:23 PM]

    Call of Duty: World at war is a first person shooter that takes place during World War II. There are three different modes in the game: campaign, multi-player, and a mode called Nazi Zombies. The goal of the campaign mode is to win the war in both the Eastern and Pacific theaters against the Germans and Japanese. The multi-player mode occurs over Xbox Live, and you are pitted against other people playing the game online; the objective is it defeat your opponent. In the third mode, Nazi Zombies, you and up to three others face an endless number of "Nazi Zombies" which are former Nazi soldiers who arose from the dead.


    The mode I focussed during playing was the multi-player part over Xbox Live. Similar to most games in this genre, the experience is quite suspenseful. While playing if you get several kills without dying you are awarded the ability to perform special tasks that give you an advantage. Knowing this this can be a lot of tension right as you are about to achieve a new ability. These special abilities add another layer to game which can provide a less monotonous experience.

    There were some drawbacks, however. In the multi-player mode, winning is not required to level-up in the game; killing other enemies is the main method of moving forward. This eliminates the need for teamwork and strategy. While there is little need for teamwork, there is still a large social element to the game as you are playing against friends and possible trying to kill them.

    So far the multi-player mode is not very interesting; the graphics are impressive, but World War II first person shooters have been done many times in the past, and this game does not really add anything major to the genre.
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    nknichol's Call of Duty: World at War (360)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Thursday 25 December, 2008

    nknichol's opinion and rating for this game

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