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    mmmoore5's Bioshock (PC)

    [August 23, 2009 09:21:28 PM]
    Bioshock continues to take me on its roller coaster ride of violence, political commentary, and mayhem. New plasmids that incinerate enemies awakened an inner pyromanic side of myself I never knew I had. Also, the telepathic plasmid presented new gamplay mechanics, as I flung grenades at the environment to move debris, as well as displace opponents. The game continues to give me new toys to play with and new enemies to battle with.
    The run of the mill generic enemies seem to have had a rather significant AI boost, as they now attack in groups and even work to ambush me. In on remarkable moment an enemy turns off the lights in a denistry I had discovered and when the lights had turned back on a corpse appeared in the dentist chair. As I moved further to investigate it the lights turned off again and he appeared out of nowhere and attacked me. I was extremely horrified at this and nearly jumped out of my seat.

    Soon I was met with a plastic surgeon with a few bats in the belfry, and I saw the developers amazingly innovative creative minds at work. Irrational Games (now 2K Boston) created a truly horrid boss character that is influenced by the most graphic slasher flick and deprived psychological horror. Bioshock’s atmosphere, environment, weapons and characters is a testament to the game’s amazing design and keeps the players interests throughout the journey.
    This Dr. Steinman decorates his abode with the corpses of those he has tried to make “beautiful” and showed the art teams attention to detail. Floors were covered with blood and posters defaced with the remains of corpses and Steinman’s sanity. In one instance the doctor used scissors to decorate the face of a “patient” by stabbing both ends into their eyes, leaving them lying cold in the middle of the floor.
    As I made my way through the doctor’s twisted medical facility I discovered the developer approached game design differently than most. They built up to this confrontation through world surrounding the player. Each room presented an ever more morbid scene of violence or a most depressing audiotape, further showing the good doctor’s insanity.
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    [August 23, 2009 09:18:44 PM]
    In Bioshock, the player escapes a plane crash in the middle of the ocean and discovers a decrypt underwater utopia. As the player explores the sunken remains of this fallen city, he must use a plethora of different weapons, as well as plasmids to battle an army of genetically altered drug addicts. These plasmid can be used to freeze foes, light pools of oil ablaze, and even spawn a swarm of vicious bees that will make short work the player's foes. Morality also comes into play, as the player must choose whether to save young girls from a pharmaceutically induced psychosis or harvest their energy at the price of their lives.

    The environments in Bioshock vary from horrific scenes of humanity at its worst, to the disturbing displays of a society’s most violent fall. I felt dismayed as I came across the dismal world and felt for the main character’s plight, as he strives to make to survive in the watery abyss. The player is forced to feel for the protagonist, as the turmoil surrounding the character demonstrates his dismal circumstances. Audiotapes dictated by the inhabitants are littered throughout the city and give gamers the back-story of the world, and further cement its realness in the players mind.
    As the player advances through the game the world, they discover more abilities and attack mechanics that add depth to the experience. Plasmids can be used in tandem to deliver violent attacks to enemies. Guns can be give special ammunition that will shock foes or pierce armor. The player can even upgrade his own physical abilities to be stronger, hack machines faster, or even give off an electric discharge that will stun attackers who attempt to get physical.
    The gameplay is ultimately very fun and the varied abilities make each encounter different and highly dynamic. The game even accounts for the player’s mistakes, adding a respawn chambers to the world for a quick comeback after the players demise.
    Matthew Moore
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    mmmoore5's Bioshock (PC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Sunday 23 August, 2009

    mmmoore5's opinion and rating for this game

    Great Game with an amazing atmosphere and engaging story

    Rating (out of 5):starstarstarstarstar

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